After Successful Beta Period, DomainPower is Now Accepting Wildcard Traffic

According to a Press release going out tomorrow,  after a conclusive 30-day test, DomainPower, the flagship monetization platform built by the Domain Holdings Group, is now accepting wildcard traffic, which includes leased subdomains, 404 and Under Construction pages.













The test examined the results of a 30-day test, where a portfolio made up exclusively of wildcard traffic grew from a $22.98 RPM on its previous monetization platform to an $84.21 RPM on DomainPower.

“Our ability to monetize wildcard traffic features customization options, simple implementation, and access to one of the best parking monetization platforms in the industry,” Domain Holdings CEO Jason Boshoff said. “The results of the test speak for themselves, and we are excited to explore this new opportunity.”

The results of the Wildcard traffic test are highlighted in detail in a comprehensive overview of DomainPower’s Monetization Decision Engine (Download the PDF), where four distinct domain portfolios were measured over a 30- or 60-day test period. The results revealed a significant revenue increase for each portfolio in favor of DomainPower over the previous parking monetization options.

Beta launched in January of 2012 and officially announced in March 2012, the MDE makes data-driven decisions based on historical learning’s of a domain’s traffic and monetization, or domains of similar composition, routing traffic to the advertising partners that will yield the highest revenue.

“With the Wildcard Traffic test, the methodology used to monetize the portfolio relied exclusively on the MDEs ability to drill deeper into the data on a domain,” DomainPower analyst Cory Lamay explained. “The MDE was able to quickly learn the monetization behavior of a wildcard domain and optimize accordingly. The result was a 4X growth overall.”


  1. Orangelo says

    How come I can not find one single domainer in the domainer sphere to give one single testimonial? I asked on and nobody is using them.

    BTW….DomainPower is down right now . Also, their domain is under Whois Privacy with Moniker. Why is that necessary??? We all know who they are.

  2. RK says


    Why don’t you tell us your results with them so we can see if it is worth moving there?

    Are they better than Internet Traffic?

  3. says

    This is comical. A parking company figured out how to use wildcard DNS and redirection! I think people figured this out in 1998.

  4. Orangelo says

    @RK ….. that’s what I keep wanting to know and either nobody besides Mike is using them, or nobody wants to let on how great they are. :)

    Hey, how about some domain investor testimonials now for a change after all these great examples over the months. I’m dying to see it.

    Nobody likes to screw up their stats and flow at one parking company to move to another one to find out it was a dud, and having to take two steps back to find out the truth. We are all old domain pros here, we don’t like to take foolish steps like we did in the past.

    Please show us several customer testimonials. Thanks!!!!! :)

  5. says

    Just signed up about two weeks ago, not enough time to post much. Slow but promising start as of now.

    Roughly 400 domains

    I’ll make my best attempt to visit back.

  6. Michael H. Berkens says


    Not surprisingly a percentage of domains do better to significantly better with DP than IT, a percentage of domains do better wit IT.

    As it always has been its very hit and miss and you don’t know which are going to better unless you test for a while.

  7. Michael H. Berkens says


    Well that would not be the way to maximize returns, of course it depends on the portfolio you have, do you generics, typos, old link traffic.

    The best thing to do is do a month test on each and then leave the traffic with the provider its doing better with

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