BuyDomains Launches Powered By Enom To Take New gTLD Domain Pre-orders, which is owned by Name Media, is teaming up with, which is owned by Demand Media, to start to take pre-orders or a create a watch list for new gTLD’s domain name registration when they become available.

The new site set up by for the new gTLD program is, which is powered by Enom.

Its an interesting move by two company’s that are expected to compete with each other for a share of the premium domain name aftermarket for new gTLD’s.

These are the new gTLD’s extensions they are taking pre-orders or allowing you to build a watch list for:




  1. says

    I hope there is some system for refunds.

    I think we all know a lot of these are not going to be approved or be public.

    Very interested partnership between the two however. With the right strategy and the right attitude they could probably do very well out of the whole New gTLD market.

    Will be interesting to see how long it lasts!

  2. says

    Yep, I’m hooking up with enom too. Soon InternetX(United Internet) and also Key Drive will have something similar.

    Multiple points of access.

  3. Grim says

    The gold rush is on, again. Unfortunately this time, it’s ‘fool’s gold,’ with only those selling the ‘shovels and pans’ making the real money. (As is usually the case, late in the game.)

  4. BrianWick says

    “share of the premium domain name aftermarket for new gTLD’s”

    Who has determined any of these new’s are “premium” :)

    Good God – Good God – Good God – yet another layer of Bullshit.

    Grim – I do not think there is a better word to describe this other than your “Fools gold”

  5. Sue H. says

    Personally, I think this sounds great. Our company will be preordering at least 100 of these domains that will be relevant to our business (property management).

  6. says

    @ Sue H.

    Great! we offer exactly the same service with enom at NewDomainRegistrar dot org.

    Why not support a smaller startup rather than the already huge BuyDomains?


  7. Sue H. says


    To answer your question: We won’t for the same reason why I don’t buy my clothes at Walmart, or drive a Pontiac.

  8. says

    @ MHB

    Are these going to be exclusive pre-orders.


    “I do not think there is a better word to describe this other than your “Fools gold” ”

    @ Brian

    They don’t all have to be fools gold, if you think of premium .coms as being solid gold, then the other extensions can be considered to be “ gold plated “ or “ gold filled “ at different grades like 10k or 18k and there seems to be a market for all of these different types of gold.

    Although there is the possibility that a handful of the New gTLDs might end up being even better than solid gold like solid platinum. :)


    @ Tom G

    Are you an Enom reseller, if so would that now be good for the Buy Domains pre order program too.

  9. says

    At this point placing backorders for new gTLD is completely worthless.

    1.) It is not known when if ever an extension will be approved.
    2.) Even if approved the new owner has to be running an open registry and respect the backorders.
    3.) There are multiple places taking backorders for the same domains.

    There is not even a method for ICANN to delegate gTLD after dumping digital archery.

    I just don’t see the point in backordering anything right now.


  10. says

    @Ojohn. Yes we are an enom reseller just like buydomains is. The services are quite literally identical. To answer your? @Mhb, no they are not exclusive. Reality is, new tld pre reg services now are all the same. Nobody is guaranteed anything. If you pre order, pre register, whatever, you become a sales lead. That’s pretty much all it can be for now.

  11. Accent says

    – Without telling business secrets, would you mind saying what you plan to do with 100 new domains?

  12. Michael H. Berkens says


    I don’t believe these are exclusive nor do they mean anything.

    Anything that doesn’t require payment means nothing

  13. says


    methinks Sue is a shill for buydomains.

    But, she did remind me I still need to get my associates in Bangalore to whip me out a nice logo for the site, for all the brand new people buying domains for the first time that have never heard of buydomains – They should recognize that our sites are mostly identical, with IDENTICAL services – something that was perhaps missed by Sue.

    First place people’s eyes hit is the logo – Branding and Trust, right?

    And look, .com domains just 34.95 at buydomainscentral, lol.

    Thanks Sue,

    I WISH I were Walmart 😉

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