Apple Store Changes Search Algorithm in the App Store

According to Apple has changed the search algorithm in the App Store, which is now weighting app names and keywords less heavily in its search results

“Previously, if you were searching for something like “san francisco parking”, apps whose names included those search terms would rank more highly. Or if you searched for something like “traffic”, you’d get a bunch of games with names like Traffic Rush. Now, you’re more likely to see apps that aren’t just a simple keyword match.”

Ben Sann, founder of, is quoted in the story as saying that his app,  Best Parking, “suddenly jumped to the top of a number of searches, including “chicago parking,” “dc parking,” and “sf parking”, in each case ranking ahead of apps that were a closer match for the search term. Sann’s theory: Apple is now putting a heavier emphasis on app downloads, so that BestParking has pulled ahead of apps with better names (at least, for a given search) but fewer downloads. ”

“The article goes on to say that search rankings seem to be looking at other indicators of popularity, like ratings and comments.”



  1. BrianWick says

    Its a good thing that many folks on previous posts feel the the “app” is going to replace the need for a .com or a domain in general.

    Really – Who needs an intuitive self-promoting, self-marketing and self-advertising .com when you can lick Apple and their ever changing search algoryths to get your app to the top in a sea of trillions and trillions of other apps ?

  2. Rod says

    I can confirm that Apple has not implemented this yet or this is complete BS. The title of the app is still KING. I’m not sure if they are trying to clean out the App titles first and then implement this change or what… but the keywords for apps aren’t nearly the same as having it in the title as of today.

  3. Louise says

    Plus, Apple changed its algorithm again, according to:

    Looks Like Apple Has Changed Its App Store Algorithm Again

    This article embedded a good slide show summarizing the new algorithm: New rules in App Store Search View more presentations from

    There are a couple services which increase app ranking:

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