Paul Stahura Formerly Of Enom & CEO of Donuts Launches iSpot.TV & Raises $575K W/ Another ex-Demand Exe

Paul Stahura, the founder of Enom and the CEO of Donuts, Inc., which just applied for 307 new gTLD’s, along with Sean Muller the former chief technology officer for eNom and Demand Media, just raised $575,000 of an expected $750,000 for a new venture called

Mr. Muller will be the CEO of the new venture.

The SEC filing spells it out.

According to the website, iSpot.Tv, will be a service  “Enabling & Measuring Interactions for Brands on TV”.

The company has a Facebook page set up as of June 11th, which say it will  “provides social marketing tools and analytics for brands on TV. ”

“It is also a destination site for finding and exploring any actively airing TV commercials.”

In my opinion a really nice boost for the .TV extension, especially in light of the fact that Paul is leading a group seeking 307 more domain name extensions and therefore thinks .Tv will be still relevant in the 1,000+ domain extension world.



  1. rofl says

    “just raised $575,000 of an expected $750,000 for a new venture called”

    where do they find these suckers? lol

  2. Josh says

    Would love to hear more about what they offer, sounds interesting more like an ad agency/ consulting/data gathering venture but not sure.

  3. Blue Ribbon One says

    Gotta agree with my friend ROLF above.

    #1. .TV is dead and only .COM matters. Deal with it.
    #2. The gtld’s are similarly going to fail a painful death. Seems painfully obvious at this point.
    #3. To hear that one man can be so foolish as to invest in both .tv and gtld’s is bloody mind numbing. Even worse are the suckers that are willing to invest in his foolhardy scheme. Pathetic, if you ask me; since, it seems obvious in which direction that investment is gonna go.

  4. Josh says

    Sorry I cant keep quite, did either of you read the article? It is a venture that uses a .tv extension, they are not investing in .tv, it is just the domain they chose since it matched the venture.

    According to the website, iSpot.Tv, will be a service “Enabling & Measuring Interactions for Brands on TV”.

    Just sayin

  5. Michael H. Berkens says


    There are investing a a company that is using a .TV extension.

    There could have chosen a .com or another extension like

  6. Josh says

    Exactly what I tried to say, the company uses a .tv, the venture is not the extension. So Blue Ribbon One seems to have missed the point.

    I think in this case it works, focusing on TV brands and having .tv as your extension is a nice touch. The truth is owning lends no more legitimacy to the thing and doesnt roll quite as nice as….what do they do TV branding!

    One of the rare times I like it.

  7. Blue Ribbon is a moron says

    Blue Ribbon deal with the fact you are an idiot. Keep dreaming that all that matters is .com. Your God (Frank Schilling) has already left you, and before any more nonsense he is more successful than you the banana and all the other douchebags combined.

    And yes I would like chips with my fish, so go fetch them, Cheers mate.

  8. says

    I never can understand anyone in the domian buisness bashing good news for any extention. Right of the dot awareness is already gaining traction. Paradigm shifts happen in every buisness , .tv , .me , . NYC , . Whatever will continue to to become more common place. It only takes one match to light a forest fire and any one fortune 100 company has the budget to get heads turning , eyes watching , ears listening and fingers typing something other than .com

    .tv has IMHO a head start and so far we have seen several people much more successful than me and maybe you utilizing .tv for branding purposes like Carlos sims , Ryan seacrest, Larry king, Mark Cuban … Just to name a few. I am also quite confident that any one of those ventures were not choosing .tv because of budget constraints.

    Lets just enjoy the fact that domains are going to continue to get more media exposure and not worry if its a .com , .tv or anything else. Positive news in our industry is good for everyone.

  9. Cartoonz says

    Some people are just too caught up in wanting to argue that they cannot see the forest through the trees, apparently.

    Look, .TV is not as popular as some would hope, but it does have a limited appeal to those in the Television Broadcasting/Advertising niche… which, if you actually read the article, is exactly the market this venture is set to be a part of.

    Getting into arguments about extensions is just a waste of typing, enough already.
    Both Paul & Sean are veterans of the domain world, I can see why they chose this particular .TV domain. You have to realize that the value of this venture is not going to be dependent on the domain, rather it will come from the analytics & tools FOR BRANDS ON TELEVISION. Yes, TELEVISION.

  10. Mr.T says

    Blur Ribbon – definitely sounds like just another .com fanboy. Get your facts straight before blabbing off on some random nonsens. Read the post again and maybe you’ll get it.

    Oh and get your head out of the sand so you get a chance to see what’s actually going on in the real world.

  11. G says

    You might notice that is taken as is pretty much every other English word or combination of words. Hence one of the most clear reasons for the gTLDs…

    The new gTLDs will give companies the chance to create a relevant domain to their business – both in the TLD and the domain itself.

    .com will still be the biggest domain, but alternative domains will become more accepted.

  12. says

    We’ve sold 4 of our .tv’s this year and have received offers on over 20 more, again just in the first 6 months of this year.

  13. says

    …and we have a tiny portfolio of domains, so selling 4 .tv’s was solid in our book, as we only sold 3 .tv’s all of last year.

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