Sedo Releases New Tool: “Domain Value Indicators”: Quantitative Analysis of Domains Listed for Sale just send out a press release announcing “the launch of a new feature that provides quantitative analysis of domains listed for sale on Sedo’s marketplace.”

“This new feature—Domain Value Indicators—offers buyers valuable insight into any domain’s worth by presenting a selection of core statistics on the individual domain name, and how these values compare to other domains listed at Sedo.”

“These values include:

·         Global monthly searches: the number of monthly searches for the domain’s keywords globally.

·         Regional monthly searches:  the number of monthly searches for the domain’s keywords based on the domain extension (e.g. within the UK for any

·         Estimated keyword cost-per-click: revenue earned when a user clicks on an ad associated with keywords in the domain.

·         Registration years for the same name among top extensions: the year in which this name was registered as a .com, .net, or other top TLD.

·         Registrations of keywords among most popular extensions: how frequently the keywords in a name are registered among the top domain extensions. Each extension is weighted by popularity, so .com is proportionally worth more than .net, for example.”

“The Domain Value Indicators show potential buyers the value of a domain by displaying statistics and facts that help them make an informed decision about their purchase.”

“The feature also helps sellers set domain prices, by placing the most important determinants of domain value at their fingertips. The new feature also includes a comparison of the domain’s value with that of other names listed at Sedo, an innovative addition that helps put this value into context for both sellers and buyers.”

“We know that buyers want to have hard facts at their fingertips when making a purchase decision. These facts can be difficult to find by with intangible assets like domain names,” said Liesbeth Mack-de Boer, Sedo’s Chief Sales Officer. “The Domain Value Indicators feature gives end-users the information they need to make an informed—and a faster—choice about domain investments, which in turn helps domain sellers make more sales, more quickly.”

“The Domain Value Indicators feature will act as a complement to Sedo’s Price Suggestion and Appraisal offerings. These services are based on Sedo’s historical transaction data, and make use of both automated pricing tools and the expertise of our international brokerage team to help accurately assess domain name values. The Domain Value Indicators feature will appear on all offer pages.”


  1. Michael says

    Pretty strange timing. This thing suddenly shows up on GreatDomains auctioned names just a few hours before the auction closes…

  2. Meyer says

    When applying for a job at Sedo, I believe it is important for the potential employee know what everyone else is being paid at Sedo. Sedo should post on Sedo’s website all of the salaries of Sedo management and employees.

    “We know that ’employees’ want to have hard facts at their fingertips when making an ’employment’ decision.”


  3. patrick says

    I remember getting an appraisal for a travel dot com from Sedo it was $150 dollars yet that same domain had an appraisal from Great Domains for $4000to $5000 Sedo said that there appraisal was based on the last domain sold,i like the Sedo marketplace but i would not trust one of there appraisals as far as i could throw it.

  4. patrick says

    just checked out the new tool i think it will only confuse end users plus it is hard to find and considering all my domains are generics cost per click seems irrelevant.
    One domain consisting of two words shows zero searches but the domain is a cctld not a pure generic but a pretty good domain for financing companies looking for something descriptive and memorable sedo shows the cpc as zero for this domain.

  5. Ben Elza says

    I think it’s a bad idea becasue, from my personal view :

    1. It compares ALL TLDs and ccTLDs to two TLDs ; the com and the net. Therefore, it makes it look like as if the internet revolves ONLY around the net and the com which could undervalue all the other extensions, narrowing the knowledge about the new extensions and as a result affect their whole sales and revenue.
    2. It offers irrelevant information as patrick said above; for example , if I wanna buy example.DE why would i care about the year or were registered, I am buying MY DIFFERENT BRAND!
    3. It still shows the cpc and the search volume when such information could have zero value in the near future, and it will, especially when the 2000 new TLDs come into effect soon !

  6. Gazzip says

    I don’t like it, its someone else trying to judge the value of your name (a bit like Estibot/Valuate without the price)

    It’s up to the seller and buyer to determine the price, end of.

    The .net bit isn’t accurate either, I checked a few of my .coms yesterday that sedo shows as taken in the .net and they were not even registered.

    But, when does sedo ever listen to what their sellers want, not that often.

  7. says

    Hello MHB

    There are no known Metrics available on this planet to correctly price “Virtual Business Foundations”

    There is ALWAYS SOMETHING beyond Human Perception. FARCICAL waste of time in my humble observation.

    Gratefully , Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  8. says

    It’s December 2, 2012 and this new feature is inaccurate for thousands of domain names. I notice alot of keywords that are separate words are attached to each other resulting in wrong traffic data.

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