Back On The Market Starting At $2.5 Million

ICAP Patent Brokerage, a division of ICAP PLC, who claims to be the the “world’s largest intellectual property brokerage firm” is offering for auction the domain name

The lot being sold by LLC will be included in the 16th ICAP Ocean Tomo IP Auction on July 26, 2012, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco, California. The starting bid will be $2,500,000

“We are excited to be offering this portfolio to our global base of buyers,” says Dean Becker, CEO ICAP Patent Brokerage and ICAP Ocean Tomo auctions.

This asset for sale provides a unique opportunity to own one of the most valuable domain names on the web. ”

The domain name, has been on the domain market before at a auction with a reserve range of $1M-$5M and at with a reserve price of $5M or more.

“The prices paid for domain names have risen steadily as the worldwide usage of the internet has grown exponentially.┬áComparable recent domain name sales include ($16m), ($7.5m), ($5.1m), and ($10m). For a full list of the highest domain sales visit:

“Internet users searched on Google for “patent” 6.1m times per month; this is the premier domain name for the most valuable category of intellectual property.”



  1. Mr.T says

    Sorry, but I don┬┤t see a name like this sell for anything near $2.5 million. Cut the pricetag by $2 million and start the bidding at $500,000. That way they MAY have a chance.

    And where do they get 6.1mill searches from? Google lists “Patents” at 1.1million searches (BROAD) and 49,500 (exact) globally. “Patent” gets 5mill (broad) and 165,000 exact, globally!

    They need to get their numbers straight and stop pulling peoples legs.

  2. says

    This is yet another failed scam from Mike Zappy Zapolin and Peter Hubshman, they still owe me hundreds of thousands of dollars from another scam of theirs according to the judges order and clear contracts, despite their disgraceful lying. I will raid them and sue them forever til they pay up of course if you know me. Its charity money after all. I wonder how much investor fraud and loss is on this deal. I think Rob Monster is in on this one too, dont get me started.

  3. says

    I had dealings with Dean Becker and ICAP in 2006, re: one of my
    domains. The ICAP patent auctions are very good for liquidating
    patents quickly, but they don’t have much of a track record with
    domain IP sales.

    That said, if ever a domain was to sell successfully at a high price,
    to a crowd of patent buyers, then I guess it would be

    I think the pricing on the domain is optimistic, but possible. Dean
    Becker knows well enough that there are some big money players
    in the patent market, like Intellectual Ventures, and bidding could
    get quite intense on a web name like this.

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