Marchex Sells To MindWork Labs A Company That Just Raised $750k

According to a Press Release, Mindwork Labs bought the the domain name, for an undisclosed amount from Marchex (Nasdaq: MCHX)

The release goes on to say that Mindwork, also just got an investment of £500,000($750,000)  “from leading UK entrepreneur Mark Pearson to develop a global deals website and marketing platform.”

“The partnership will reunite Pearson with Tom Packer – Founder and CEO of Mindwork Labs; the two worked together for several years previously on, the UK’s number one website and mobile app for vouchers, deals, discounts and offers and will be hoping for similar success this time round with MyDeals.

“Customers have become fatigued by inboxes full of irrelevant will give each member more control over the deals they see and the notifications they receive, while learning which offers are most desirable to them.”

“Additionally, the site will detect the member’s geographic location at the country level—with region and city detection to come—so the users can take advantage of offers as they travel without having to visit different websites.”

“The website will also maintain a highly transparent privacy policy, granting members complete control over what, if any, of their personal information is stored by the website.”



  1. Street kid says

    Mike, the effort you put forth to bring us information regularly is very much appreciated. And it’s news. And also worthy.

  2. strange setup says

    Not newsworthy, another junk spammy voucher code site. more of an ego boost for the investor and another failed startup from tom, same stuff different day. little imagination & absolutely nothing new or exciting

  3. Richard says

    Thanks for posting Mike, I would have thought this domain was developed without visiting it. People/customers like customized things, anything their own, fitted to their needs. is great domain for a great idea. Good luck to the new owner.

  4. says

    Hey Guys, thanks for the post & the comments. I just wanted to point out that the site that is there today is a long way away from our final aims – We took the better to have something live than nothing live approach – But things will be changing fast!

  5. says

    The leading german deals aggregator is called and they bought at some point. I would’ve expected Fabian Spielberger to pick-up this domain name…

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