New Study Shows 18% Of Business That Have The Word “Me” In Its Name, Use a .Me Address

Brands-and-Jingles just completed a study that looked at 1,000 companies that use the word “me” as part of their company name and found that at least 174 of the 1,000 are using the .ME extension for its website.

The study used Linkedin to find the 1,000 companies

“A big surprise was to find no less then 174 companies that use .ME domain name as their brands:”,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BoardRoom.Me, BoaSaude.Me,, Born2B.Me,,,,, CampusRadio.ME,,,, CheckInOn.Me,,,,,,,, DesksNear.Me, Disguises.Me,,, Domain.ME,, DURK.ME (Do yoU Really Know.ME), eRefer.Me, FaceGraph.ME,, FinanceCoach.ME,, Virtual Fitting Room,,, FKN.ME, FreelancePro.Me, Friendize.Me, FULLFRA.ME,,,, GoodEatsFor.Me,, GroupRead.Me,,,,, HostPress.Me, iBrand.Me,,,,,,,,,, Knok.Me,,,,,,,, MallGuide.Me, MatchMate.Me,,,,,, Mobilize.Me, Momentous.Me,,, MusicPoll.ME,,,,,,,,,,,, PleaseGuide.ME,, Present.Me,, – “Spread the Love, Nothing Else”,,,,, RandomChat.Me,,,,,,,,,,, Skim.Me,,, SnapItTo.Me,,,,,,, Startupify.Me, SticKee.Me,,,,, Tap.Me,, TheBestCompanyfor.Me,, TheCreator.ME,,, (mobile identity inc),, Thoughtof.Me, Tickle.Me,,,,,, Tungle.Me Corporation,,,,,, UVuu.Me Ltd,, Inc.,,,,, WorkPays.Me,,, and Z-Wave.Me

This roughly represents 18% of all “me” brands.

Meaning, no less than 18% of companies that choose for a name with “me” in it, use .me domain name as the leading brand.

“We didn’t check the actual websites of those not using .ME in their names or logos implicitly.”

“The chances are very high that few dozens more .ME brands will emerge from the list just presented above.”

Brands-and-Jingles is running a .Me domain name auction in conjunction with Sedo.


  1. .ME Of Course! says

    @MyLocator: this very true, because “my” is the prefix and “me” is usually used as the suffix (also very popular, but not so popular as “my”). For your information, “my” is the most popular “addition” to other root words, be it .com or .me – more details via$bh

    Four years ago, hardly any company was a .ME one on LinkedIn. Now, nearly 25% of them use domain names as brands.

    Similar can happen when .SHOP or .LAW come out. Many newcomers will register their names and use SUB.newTLD.

    @Jon & @RaTHeaD – can you send the links to corresponding studies?

    If I use an or – it doesn’t mean that 40% or 60% of the MX traffic goes to somethingcouk . com, maybe something . com – but it is very-very limited. I will be surprised to see any significant number at all.

  2. says

    I started investing in .me last year. I have sold a few dozen and an interesting thing is a number of these have gone to media companies. Companies that own **** have purchased the ****.me.

  3. says

    Hmm, let me think should I get , hmm no thanks.
    But would be cool. Unlike .co I don’t mind losing traffic to the .com because I am building a brand if I own .me
    And you all forget, looke at and , and most people think they left the m off by accident. Now look at and and you will be like WTF .me if you see it and therefore I think less people will be directed to .com.

  4. domain guy says

    well this is what the new suffixs are all about. and here we have a preview into their world.18% of companys that have me in their address in their domain name.that supports what icann has done and shows the dillution of the .com suffix.I.m somewhat surprised about this but to me what this indicates there is viable alternatives to .com.

  5. .ME Of Course! says

    @Steve, as an alternative name I wanted to propose to use unscramble . me – but that one was taken already.

    Verb+Me, Adjective+Me, and even Noun(s)4.Me – jingle very well and build strong brands.

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