Sells On Sedo For $75,000 To

The domain name just sold on Sedo for $75,000

The seller was Inc.

The buyer of the domain appears to be the owner of the domain name as the domain is now forwarding to the site.

IMHO the domain sold on the cheap, unless there were TM issues on the table.

The art deco district otherwise known as south beach, is a vibrant high tourism area.

Art Deco is also a generic style of things like furniture and  jewelry.

Of course its is a well known term and a cool name for any web 2.0 type of business as well.

ArtDeco according to its site seems to be a pretty large company:

“ARTDECO is more than just a cosmetics brand – ARTDECO combines numerous collections into one integrated concept and due to this, is unique in the market.”

“The secret of ARTDECO’s success in becoming the market leader in Germany’s selective market has been its constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all women, combined with uncompromising quality and very reasonable pricing. Every beautician can fulfill any client need with ARTDECO, as well as creating a professional make up.”

“ARTDECO is the essential component and finishing touch to other international premium brands for every perfumery. ARTDECO stands for individuality that the consumer demands from a premium retailer just as much as the exclusivity of high-priced international brands.”

“But ARTDECO also stands for trends – no matter if created internally, by celebrities or by the press, ARTDECO will be a part of it. This enables the ARTDECO customer to obtain the newest must-have products at affordable prices at all times.”

“ARTDECO is sold in ca. 10.000 cosmetic institutes, 6.000 perfumeries, and ca. 350 exclusive department stores worldwide.”


  1. says

    I think its worth twice that much however I think all premium names sell for half what they should be worth to the buyers company, and they are not losing any value, going up. Great bargains in premium .Coms all across the board, beware ALTs.

  2. says

    “Great bargains in premium .Coms all across the board…”

    Do you think all (most) .COM owners will be willing to pay the $25,000 annual ICANN tax to maintain their “Premium” status ?

    $25,000 year seems like a large price increase from $25 per year

    How will the $25,000 per year ICANN tax impact the “value” of Premium .COM names ?

  3. says

    Huge name. Art deco is a design, architectural and art style from the 20’s and 30’s. The south Florida buildings from that era are only the surface of art deco, that influenced many Latin American countries and Europe as well. The new owners paid peanuts compared to what it’s worth.

  4. jose says

    agree. artdeco cheap at 75k. but we see all great domains being sold cheap in the last 4 years. that is because everyone wants to sell…

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