Afternic Summer Auction Ends On Thurday & Leads The Way

The Summer Auction ends this Thursday at 3:15pm EST on SnapNames and at time of publication there are only a few domains past the reserve with bids. leads the way on the auction at $8,250 with 4 bids. has the most action with 5 bids and is currently at $550, also above the reserve.

Other names under the  reserve but with bids are at $11K, at $5,500, at $1,400, at $2,550, at $1,001, and at $1,000., a no reserve name, has a single opening bid of $300.

For the complete list you can click here



  1. says

    Why do places like Afternic/Snapnames bother having auctions. The results are always embarrassing yet they still keep having them.

    No promotion and I’d guess the only people who ever view the auction are some domainers.

    So bad.

  2. says

    Chris: Because they lead to a lot sales before during and after the auction. These are just some of the Published Sales on names that have sold before during or after a Moniker/Snapnames auction:,,,,

  3. SF says

    Someday, there will be domain auctions with plenty of Real End Users.

    When that time finally arrives, all this focus on the wholesale churning of domains from domainer to domainer at domainer prices can be religated to the Forums …where it belongs.

  4. Tom says

    I agree they are marketing to domainers, who have a huge portfolio already, and do not want the task of taking down those large reserve prices.

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