What Ever Happened To Domain Hall Of Fame Member Sahar Sarid? We Know & It’s All On SaharSarid.com

Over the last couple of years I have had many emails asking me whatever happened to domainer Sahar Sarid.

Sahar is a member of the Domain Hall of Fame (inducted 2007).

Ron Jackson of DnJournal.com ran a cover story on Sahar back in 2007.

Sahar published a very popular domain blog, Conceptualist.com.

So what has Sahar been up to?

On the business front Sahar, recently sold the domain name MugShots.com, sometime last year.

“The domain name Mugshots.com was bought in 2002 off of eBay by Ashantiplc, a company Sahar Sarid was a part investor in.

The domain was then leased to a HK development company and then as we said above sold to a new company sometime in 2011.”

This actual sale price and other confidential information continues to remain private between the buyer and seller.

Since the sale the of mugshots.com in 2011 the site has become one of the top 3000 visited websites in the world.”

On the personal front,  Sahar has been busy traveling the world, from Thailand, Panama, Costa Rica, Tokyo, to Trinidad.

Another Domain Hall of Fame member Adam Dicker has put up a “Fan” site all about Sahar and his life at SaharSarid.com

As a much older guy than Sahar, I can’t say he has taken the wrong road.

Sahar made his mark while he was young and is now is enjoying his life to the fullest while he is still in his 30’s.

So I tip my hat as I’m sure you all do to Sahar, and wish him continued success and happiness.


  1. jeff says

    I always liked his domain blog and his smarts. Hard work paid off and enjoying the good life. I wish him the very best and happy, safe travels.

  2. says

    Prepare for a New Generation of IANA ICANN Domainers

    Some questions to think about:

    1. What happens if the “new” .INC Top Level Domain Registry makes up people as “Domainers” ?

    2. How many people (real or fake) have been invited to the [[insider’s]] meetings .ORGanizing the .INC Registry ?

    3. What happens if all the .INC domains are taken (already) ?

    Who “owns” the .INC domains ?

  3. Francois says

    Not sure he will appreciate the site attention as for me he has decided to go under the radar as he did not made pause but closed anything showing his past presence on the web: facebook, twitter, blog, …
    By the way if my memory does not fails this site is showing images of Sahar travel just before he decided the blackout, and NOT after.
    I am of those who sometimes is wondering what really happend to Sahar to suddenly decide not to stop but simply dissepear… and try to hide as much possible all traces of the past.
    Where ever he could be now, I wish him the best.

  4. Michael H. Berkens says


    I cleared this story with Sahar prior to publication he was all in favor of it being published

  5. says

    Hello Michael,

    Sahar is one class human being. I often wondered how he is doing? I miss his Bright Crisp flashes of Genius. If you are here on the blog OLA Sahar !

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

    P.S. I am often asked about my Branded Signature, you need only do a search on the full signature and you will know why?

  6. .ME Of Course! says

    Why would he remove the name servers from his old good site conceptualist?

    Whois says: “no nameserver”.

  7. Anon says

    Maybe he just wants to be left alone.

    A lot of people hit a point in their lives where they have no interest in being ‘public’ anymore. Things like social media, personal blogs, etc are fine for certain people who get off on the whole ‘look at me’ thing, but others have no desire for that bullshit.

    Some people know it from the outset and never sign up, others realize it after trying it for themselves and realizing how stupid it all is.

    Hell is other people.

  8. Domainer says

    I was wondering about Sahar too.

    Maybe after running FuneralHomes.com, he became somewhat spiritual and lost interest on all this??

  9. I'll give you $100 for that domain!!! says

    I don’t care if I made billions of dollars, I could never stop domaining.

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