Demand Media Applies For 26 gTLD’s & Is Partners With Donuts, Inc. on 107 New gTLD’s

According to a press release out this morning Demand Media (DMD), announced that it has applied for  26 new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

“The company selected gTLD names in categories connected to an extremely broad range of interests and capabilities including: ecommerce, personal & professional identity, education, entertainment, internet life, sports, small business and social media.”

In addition to the 26 gTLD’s Demand Media applied for, they also “entered into a strategic arrangement with Donuts Inc., an Internet domain name registry founded by industry veterans, through which it may acquire rights in certain gTLDs after they have been awarded to Donuts by ICANN.”

“These rights are shared equally with Donuts and are associated with 107 gTLDs.”

Last week Donuts announced  that they applied for 307 new gTLD’s, which means that Demand are equal partners in 107 of the 307 new gTLD’s domain name extensions they applied for.

Demand Media did not name the new gTLD’s they applied for, so we will get that info in a couple of days on June 13th.

“Further, as previously announced, a subsidiary of Demand Media has been selected as the technical registry operator for both Demand Media and Donuts.”

Richard Rosenblatt, chairman and CEO, Demand Media.  is quoted as saying  “We believe the new gTLD program represents a significant milestone in the evolution of the Internet,” said “In addition to delivering more choice for consumers and business owners, we expect the domain name expansion to spur innovation and new business opportunities.”



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    My attorney is sort of a disaster when it comes to domain branding though. I offered him the name for free before someone bought it but he doesnt want it. My name would be worth 50K to me considering how many other people could brand confuse me if I didnt own them.

  2. says

    “The web is shrinking”

    Yes, Less is More – IPv3 only uses 30-bit Address Fields not 32-bits

    Base32 is based on a 5-bit Alphabet 0[A-Z]12389

    Area51 can be located by connecting the State capitals with lines and then finding their Geo-Center – Roswell is the Geo-Center of AZ NM TX1 TX2

    We are selling Hawaii to Japan and Alaska to Canada – Less is more with 48 States

    If need be I can step in and run in the 2012 election but I plan to wait until 2016


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    Lots of heavy speculation at the moment in the gTLD name space.

    I think that much of the speculation going on ‘though is very risky,
    considering there is no proven demand for such identities and there
    will be a very small pool of interested (potential) buyers for resales.

    Nevertheless, it’s good to see folks trying to innovate… (or, at least,
    “jump on a band-wagon”).

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