Google Returning Searches For Adult Terms With Non-Adult Results & It May Impact Domain Values

According to a pretty interesting article over at “several seemingly “adult” search terms have recently become dominated by mainstream sites as the Google algorithm now ranks non-adult content sites on the first page for keywords that were historically considered to be profitable adult traffic sources.”

“A search for terms like “lesbian,” “Ron Jeremy,” “C*nt” and many others in Google now reveals page one listings for several gay rights groups, mainstream movie credits and other mainstream content. ”

“What impact will this change have on adult site SEO, traffic patterns, domain values and profitability for adult webmasters?”

“It’s no secret that Google dislikes adult content and has made moves in the past, present —and will again in the future, to sanitize the Internet for people whether search users want porn or not,” said Mitch of

“Now as Google appears to be recharacterizing many adult terms, the SEO window of opportunity appears to be shrinking even tighter for paysite owners.”

“Nicot, a well- known SEO webmaster is quoted as saying:

“Generally, terms that would get a lot of porn results, based on what the searcher actually wants, have suddenly started going mainstream, even if only five percent of those searchers are looking for mainstream sites. That’s very important because it means Google isn’t only looking at what the searcher is looking for (based on bounce and time on site), but also blatantly filtering out porn from terms like ‘c*nt’ to show mainstream content instead.”

“Based on that sort of reasoning, some now question the potential impact that these changes will have on Domainers and domain prices.”

“If for example “lesbian” is now essentially a term used to find gay rights nonprofit sites and hardcore fans are now having to type “lesbian porn” into their browser to find what they are actually looking for, the twoword domains like or may have their values assessed much more closely to the primary single keyword domain values for or, which would represent a very significant shift in the way domains are appraised by sellers or valued by buyers.””


  1. says

    Not really interested in adult domains any more.

    Someone dropped a boatload of lawyer domains today. The following are still available for registration:


  2. says

    I have the opposite problem , my parked pages showing adult ads when the domains are non-adult (not even close)
    such as :
    “looking for anonymous sex tonite?”
    ( shown on a premium 3 letter .com)

    I am effectively abandonding parking.
    Parked pages are IMNSHO wipo-accidents waiting to happen.

    I had a broo-ha-ha moment when I read (here at thedom..) that ads are being shown/based on the user’s prior searches or browsing patterns.
    I venture to say that parking eventually will go away (at he least as we know it today).

    from dnf:

    Google has announced that they are phasing out the AdSense for Domains program, a domain parking service introduced in 2008.

    “Parked domains are placeholder sites that are seldom useful and often filled with ads. They typically don’t have valuable content for our users, so in most cases we prefer not to show them.”
    Does anybody has an update for this case? (Kirikos?)


  3. a says

    have you heard the news? google is going to start openly doing pay for placement. google shopping – froogle: take 2.

    slowly but surely moving away from search and toward a 100% commercial (searchable) directory.

    google v. amazon?

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