Google Is The Buyer Of

Three months ago we asked whether Google just bought the domain name and today the answer is YES.

The domain which was the home of Chrome Systems Inc/DealerTrack, Inc. which notified customers in March that as of  September 1, 2012 they will stop using the domain name and use the domain name instead.

Shortly thereafter the domain registration went to privacy at Godaddy.

Well not only did DealerTrack, Inc stop using the domain name by June 1, 2012, but it already is going to a simple download page for Chrome.

The whois just updated and the domain is now over at under the ownership of Google.


  1. Archiba says

    Out of curiosity I checked the Hipster hack domain…

    It is registered to a guy in Germany.

  2. says

    Hello Michael,

    We have been solicited by Mark monitor, and prefer an equity sharing arrangement. Companies like and others being created as we speak are all employing intermediary buyers. The future looks bright for all of us Domainers!

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Archiba says

    Super, well Google probably is applying for .chrome in their package of 50 tlds. The question is will that resolve to the address in the future without typing the www first. If not then is the shortest most efficient domain and the dude in Germany might get the big payday.

    Right now I can’t get any top level domains to resolve without the www e.g. and etc.

    Will this change in the future?

  4. M says

    Archiba, we get it. You’re a gTLD marketer/promoter/investor. You don’t have to keep spamming the comment section of every domain blog on every article that mentions gTLD.

    No one is falling for it. You should at least change your username when posting, that way you at least have a small chance of fooling a few naive folks.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Google paid a serious amount of cash for

  5. Michael H. Berkens says

    You have to remember that the domain wasn’t owned by a domainer or passive holder it was in use by a real business and for a long time.

    I’m sure Google paid up for this domain

  6. Dean says

    “Chrome” is a great brand for everything Google does, it’s catchy and evocative. Google TV, so far has been a failure, I think the tide will turn when Apple unveils their new project they have been working on. Once Google is forced to step up their game in this arena, they need to re-brand their TV venture to Chrome Television.

  7. BrianWick says ??
    Good God – “Arch” and “SuperDomain” – The denial is running rapid – even from a Guy that used to own – and finally let it drop years ago …… . Oh – My God – Oh My God – Oh My God

  8. KTFO says

    It’s interesting that they made a move to buy now.

    Can anyone check and see if they also applied for .chrome?

  9. Archiba says

    Brian, too funny. I am sorry your investment went up in smoke.

    I noticed our host has a domain hacks category in the right side column of this site and I followed the link to the hack supermarket and there we can see that some hacks work great for the human eye and others don’t really compute.

  10. Archiba says

    M, if is my other.blogs all I can do is laugh.

    Sorry you don’t appreciate my.pov or posting frequency but let the blog owner decide what is allowed.

    For the record I haven’t posted anywhere else in the domainosphere to date. Also I do not work in the domain industry. I own a small portfolio and most are .com.

  11. Louise says

    This is what I think: Google is going to make a pitch to Rick Schwartz over

    MarkMonitor wasn’t quick on the draw with SmartGlasses. Now Google itself or Microsoft will have to deal with Rick Schwartz. This will prove satisfying and entertaining to observe!

    Recent Google domain acquisitions include:

    while Microsoft just registered a bunch of xboxSmartGlass domains . . .

  12. Dean says

    thanks for providing link, good article. I think the only obstacle to the Glass project, is the glasses themselves. Just as in 3D, most people do not want to walk around all day – or through the length of a two hour movie for that matter, with something attached to their head. Things are rapidly evolving in the TV sphere, I think Apple’s new project will be a game changer and most technology companies will follow suit and things will escalate from there. Stay tuned..

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