Top Level Domain Holdings Becomes Largest New gTLD Applicant To Date Applying For 68 Strings

According to a press release sent this morning, Top Level Domain Holdings (TLDH) applied for 68 new gTLD’s on its on behalf and a submitted total of 92 applications.

In addition to 68 application it filed on its own behalf, the company submitted 5 gTLD geographic applications for or in association with the cities of London, Miami, and Budapest, together with the German States of Bayern and Nord-Rhein Westfalen, all with the backing of each city or region’s governing body.

The company also filed one application as a joint venture in .music.

The Company is also providing back-end registry services for a further 18 applications made by clients of the Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Minds + Machines, including .rugby by the International Rugby Board and .basketball with FIBA, the International Basketball Federation.

Here are the gTLD’s applied for by the company”

1.        abogado
2.        .app
3.        .art
4.        .baby
5.        .beauty
6.        .beer
7.        .blog
8.        .book
9.        .casa
10.     .cloud
11.     .cooking
12.     .country
13.     .coupon
14.     .cpa
15.     .cricket
16.     .data
17.     .dds
18.     .deals
19.     .design
20.     .dog
21.     .eco
22.     .fashion
23.     .fishing
24.     .fit
25.     .flowers
26.     .free
27.     .garden
28.     .gay
29.     .green
30.     .guide
31.     .horse
32.     .hotel
33.     .home
34.     .immo
35.     .inc
36.     .latino
37.     .law
38.     .lawyer
39.     .llc
40.     .love
41.     .luxe
42.     .pizza
43.     .property
44.     .realestate
45.     .restaurant
46.     .review
47.     .roma
48.     .rodeo
49.     .sale
50.     .school
51.     .science
52.     .site
53.     .soccer
54.     .spa
55.     .store
56.     .style
57.     .surf
58.     .tech
59.     .video
60.     .vip
61.     .vodka
62.     .website
63.     .wedding
64.     .work
65.     .yoga
66.     .zulu
67.     购物 (“shopping”)
68.     网址 (“site”)


  1. says


    It is fascinating how people seem to equate “best” with “large”

    The Tiny TLDs (tTLDs) could surprise (blind-side) the large players.
    They have to play the game [[they]] created via ICANN.

    ICANN is not the only game – fortunately

    Check out the US NTI Dept of Commerce “FirstNET” as a new game to play

  2. says

    “Some good ones there. Now to see how many are contested!”

    In the ICANN system, the 3-letter gTLDs ( .INC .VIP .LAW .CPA .DOG .ETC ) will likely all be “contested” unless deals are made in the next few days.

    100% Refunds have .NOW been added to the game for people to drop .OUT :-)

    The POKER.TABLE is set, the seats are filling – where were the players in 2000 ?

  3. says

    “The POKER.TABLE is set, the seats are filling”

    On 12-12-12…The.Internet.Community.® will go ALL.IN and announce the 4096 Top Level Domains and Currencies

    PDT always talked about The.Nuclear.Option.®

    Yes, there are nukes available, but as George Bush said, “No one can use them…”

    Will Obama nuke ICANN ?

  4. says


    Which is best? Answer: The URL that is attached to the BEST CONTENT, PERIOD.

    P.T. Barnum was a visionary.

  5. Archiba says

    .ing will be a very popular hack extension. The youth market will embrace creativity right of the dot.

    In fact .com looks a little clunky already.

  6. Michael H. Berkens says


    is an interesting one

    Of course its TM so it might become a closed brand

    Also Nigeria may object to the string as being confusing similar to its .Ng ccTLD

  7. Archiba says

    I really like .baby on this list. Slang usage as much as infant related. Slang usage will have a lot of hipster regs.

  8. uh... says

    yep thats about it …uh, ok

    With enough capital and If marketed properly anything will work, if not, you wont hear from it again.

  9. says

    “The 100% refund offer is now off the table”

    Are you 100% certain of that ?

    Also, what stops ICANN from opening TAS again ?

    If people knew they could get 100% refund AFTER looking at the other Applications then others may have applied. The rules were changed in the middle of the game, and could change again.

  10. says

    6 May 2012

    New gTLD Program Application Fee Refund

    Whereas, the TLD Application System (TAS) has been offline since 12 April 2012 due to a technical glitch and the application window will not be closed until TAS reopens for a period of at least five days.

    Whereas, ICANN recognizes that, during the pendency of the glitch, applicants may have re-evaluated decisions to participate in the New gTLD Program.

    Whereas, the Applicant Guidebook at Section 1.5.1 sets out a tiered refund schedule in the event that an applicant wishes to withdraw its application.

    Resolved (2012.05.06.NG01), the New gTLD Program Committee directs the CEO to offer to applicants a full refund of the New gTLD Application fee actually paid to ICANN if the applicant wishes to withdraw its application prior to the date that ICANN publicly posts the identification of all TLD applications.

  11. Archiba says

    .free will sell a ton of regs. Great advertising copy domain. Push the sales lead to the .buy domain.

    Think we’ll see a wave of small biz startups with these domains. Micro startups for a battered economy.

  12. says

    “a full refund of the New gTLD Application fee actually paid to ICANN if the applicant wishes to withdraw its application prior to the date that ICANN publicly posts the identification of all TLD applications”

    Based on reports that the Big Reveal will be in two weeks, this was a clever way to create a small amount of time for Applicants to size each other up and withdraw with a 100% refund and a lot of free publicity.

    The .WEB Applicants could ALL withdraw at this time with 100% of their money and continue down their path of collectively pre-registering .WEB domains. They could work together without ICANN to make .WEB happen.

    Everyone could withdraw at this point and they now know who to work with.
    The $350,000,000 would be returned. It is not needed in the non-profit going forward.

    …or ICANN could re-open TAS and keep it open for new Applicants that now see who is in the game and the gTLD gems missed.

  13. Michael H. Berkens says

    We can and do blame ICANN for a lot of things but applicants revealing what extensions they applied for it not within their control

  14. says

    ICANN does not want to be in the hole they continue to dig

    Offering 100% Refunds is one way to say to people “Go Away, if not 100% satisfied”

    Some have suggested that ICANN pay Applicants to Go Away to reduce the game to ONE Batch

    The U.S. Government and GAC have said they only want 100 new gTLDs.

    The 15 person Board being appointed to FirstNET by NTIA could easily be the group to select what they perceive as “the Best of ICANN”. ICANN would then be returned to their original mission of churning TLD market trials.

  15. says

    “Under the legislation passed by Congress, FirstNet funding will be dispensed by the NTIA. A governing board for the new entity is still in formation, and rules for the dispensing of the $7 billion by NTIA are currently under consideration, but must be in place by late August 2012.”

  16. l says

    this is like dot co. but the price is not $40, it’s over $2,000. well done, icann.

    same problems as dot co:

    a. no natural traffic (how much type-in are dot co’s getting?)

    b. no resale potential (every business will still want a dot com domainname)

    c. aimed at dreamers, not realists.

    “the big reveal”. reveal the suckers (wannabe icm/xxx-style extortionists) for public embarrassment. now we know who to watch out for.

    1. this whole affair will only give more strength to the itu/u.n. members looking to gain more control over the internet. it is gross mismanagement of an important public resource. and who is responsible? it is going to generate unneeded consumer confusion, increase cyberscams and cybercrime, and consequently further destabilise the web.

    the alternative views:

    2. it will have no effect (except to enrich icann). these tld’s would just die a quiet death as other new gtld’s have done in the past.

    3. the gtld program will go ahead and new gtld’s (run by these shady organisations) will make web navigation easier and stimulate above the board e-commerce. icann will be lauded as a saviour of the world economy.

    what do you think is most likely to happen?

  17. BrianWick says

    All these new “get in on the bottom floor ‘facebook IPO’ “Gold Mine” = Suckers —-

    Well – I am sticking to building my brands around .com – you know – the brand of the Internet … the only one on shelf – it sounds so good – but it just aint so – UDRP and ACPA and thier lawyers have burned .com into the minds of the consumer – I do not make the rules – I simply play by them.

    But it is interesting to see how some folks are trying to reinvent their successes from 15+ years back – trying make up for horrible wrongs they made in the past

  18. says

    Google wants 50 . On the 13th we will get to see them. DH will probably be looking for a resale. They Don’t appear to be strategic domain network developers. Googles domain exts applications are the ones to watch.

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