Google Applies For 50 New gTLD’s

According to Google has applied for 50 new gTLD’s altogether, including those reported by other media outlets.

.Google, .Youtube, .Lol and .Docs are the only 4 new gTLD’s that Google announced on its blog today, so they have 46 more they aren’t releasing information on today.

You can check out the full story here.




  1. Innocuous says

    Archiba wrote:

    > The psychology of .com is going to be SMASHED. And it’s going to
    > happen quickly.

    I see so many new ‘Robert Cline’ clones all of a sudden.

    In any event, while I agree with everyone who is coming out of the woodwork to proclaim that “content is king,” I also have to smile at that. Because while it’s easy to register a new gTLD, it’s extremely difficult to create great content. And what will be even harder will be to then compete against the already established .COMs out there that have a loyal audience, and who have a head start because they’ve been at it for years.

    While one would think that Facebook’s IPO would have taught many who invested in it a lesson, ‘hype’ still seems to be very much alive and well.

  2. Archiba says

    M, I only have one good .me domain because once again I missed the big picture.

    Sedo sold a bunch of inferior .me domains this week for good money. The writing is on the wall. There are going to be at least a handful of great .me startups in the near future. That extension works intuitively. I see it as a turning point. Add the giant corps that are going to push the new tlds and this is REVOLUTION.

    The public is going to be retrained to gather specific sales/marketing information from the right side of the dot. Generic terms like com and net and org are actually too generic in hindsight.

    Hawaii.go is a great domain. Fill in the blank destination works with .go

    .blog, .go, .law, .game ….these are huge winners providing the tld extension owners are not incompetent like the .tv fools.

  3. says

    We are now well past the point of debating whether or not the new gTLDs are going to play an important role in the way that people are going to be using the Internet in the near future. The question now is how do we identify which one of the new gTLDs are going to have the best potential as far as second level domains are concerned. I am a fan of .com like most people here, but I am also interested in exploring the potential opportunities in second level domains for some of the new gTLDs .

  4. Archiba says

    Innocuous, let’s examine the difference between .co and .go.

    Isn’t it obvious from a marketing standpoint? .go works big time verbally in ad copy TV or radio. While .co is confusing. The .go provides information, a verbal command. Easy to remember. Basic sales talk.

    Wouldn’t the 26 single letter .go domains be the most valuable “shorteners” on the market?

  5. says

    There is going to be too much SUPPLY and NO Demand … this will cause the prices of domains to go no where but DOWN.

    Google is going to be the big winner here.

    You have to look what the average Joe is going to do: he will search for .whatever and most likely see no website and run to google or just type

    There will be a new Kevin Ham born, the man who once owned the internet by sending ALL .cm domains to a parked page.

    The man who makes a deal with Icann or whoever to own ALL dead typo traffic is going to make millions per day…average Joe is going to type alot of .whatever and get a dead page…whoever owns this dead page traffic is going to make millions and millions!

  6. Innocuous says

    Archiba, when I referred to ‘Robert Cline’ clones, I simply meant that, here comes another round of people saying .COM will soon be dead, or at the very least, overtaken by all these ‘great’ new gTLDs.

    It’s not going to happen. And if you knew as much about marketing as you seem to imply that you do, you’d know the very basic reason of why it won’t happen.

  7. Itsafail says

    Anunt you need to inform Sedo that there’s an error that does not allow me to place a $5 offer for which is a solid deal considering the current climate as you are well aware.


  8. Archiba says

    Brad, thanks for the info. The point stands and the likelihood of a small island nation (possibly yet to exist on the map) rolling out the .go cctld has greatly increased.

    There’s this one domainer down in the Caribbean…now we know why Mr GoDaddy flew down there for a meeting!

  9. says

    @ Anunt

    .COM has a de facto trillions of dollars of advertising behind it per year.

    All the new extensions in the world can’t match that.

    The general public is far slower to react to major changes than most people think.

    .CO has throw a mountain of money pushing .CO and it still has very limited real world awareness and usage.


  10. Itsafail says

    This gTLD thing is awesome, there are so many choices in the new internet.

    Register now, pre-register tomorrow

  11. Archiba says

    Innocuous, I said the .com psychology will be smashed. TV/Radio ad copy today is filled with long crappy domains. Watch the rush of lawyers to .law, watch the rush to .blog. With huge players like Google the momentum will reach critical mass.

    My argument is that right of the dot letters (now) can, and therefore will, be used as marketing/information. The generic options up until now have not been the cream of the crop. Stuff like .info and .mobi is hardly the cream. But we can see the crack in the wall with .me. Intuitive works right of the dot.

  12. Tom says

    Anunt, I think you are right, you are not following the sheep to the slaughter, you are making some good points, thinking outside the box, people should listen to you…

  13. Tom says

    Domainers will most likely not be able to purchase new .tlds as they did with .com and other extensions, as they will have high upfront costs geared toward professionals.

    What Anunt said above, will take some of the desire off the .com, when you have options, you don’t need to spend as much money, I am stockpiling cash, and taking a step back from purchases now…

  14. says

    Once google and facebook start using their .google and .facebook…people are going to forget .com

    .com is ancient history…
    technology moves very fast…

    For those that love .com domains…please buy my .com domains…i’m selling them at my cost…no profit.

  15. g says

    and you were wondering how google might treat “new gtld’s” in search results?

    now you have an answer. if you haven’t, noticed google results are filled with google acquisitions, be it youtube, blogger, jotspot, or a host of others. it’s only going to increase as long as google remains “the gateway to the web”. they are becoming more like a “portal” (remember yahoo?) than a search engine every day. no matter what you type in the box, you will always get plenty of google-owned or controlled websites. then funnelled one way or another based on your geolocation and search history. little by little, it becomes a portal.

  16. steve says

    .me is the best domain extenstion next to .com imo

    There really is no other extension that makes me think BRANDABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Mr.T says

    M – wether you can throw a .com at the end or not doesn´t matter. I´m not surprised if you live in the US, because all you guys focus on is .COM. In europe we´re already one step ahead of you with .TV, .IT, .ME other ccTLD´s. We understand the value/meaning of what´s on the right side of the dot. .Com is far less important as soon as you leave the US of A.

    I know why some of the .com investors are worried. They are worried because they will see a decrease in value of their premium .com domains and there really isn´t anything they can do about it. 10 years from now nowbody will pay millions or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a .com, when they can buy a more brandable domain with a descriptive right side of the dot, for much less. .Com doesn´t tell you what a website is about unless you have a premium domain like or; .Travel, .Shopping, .Music, .Blog, .Sports, .TV do.

    I´m not saying .haha or .bleh will ever be useful gTLD´s, because they wont. BUT, in the years to come we´ll see a shift towards brands using watch.movies,,, rap,music, and much much more. It´s all about branding the right names and making it easy for the rest of the world to find.

    The best example is They WILL move to Meet.Me in the future, as soon as the rest of the world gets more comfortable with alternative extensions. Other great examples are About.Me and NBA.TV.

  18. Innocuous says

    I just read this same news story on another non-domainer news site, and the general consensus was that people either saw it as a joke, (.LOL), or they were rather unimpressed about the whole thing.

    Smartphones/tablets and apps will change the way people interact with the Internet, (or not), anyway. These new gTLDs are a bit late to the party.

  19. Innocuous says

    Mr.T wrote:
    > 10 years from now nowbody will pay millions or hundreds of
    > thousands of dollars for a .com

    5 years from now, it’s predicted that tablets will be outselling PCs. Things are definitely going to change, but it won’t be what’s to the right of the dot that will change them.

    Google has cash, they can afford to waste it. But the general domainer? Better to put their money elsewhere.

  20. Mr.T says

    Hey Anunt, if I´m not mistaken you were always a “.com is king” person. What happened? I`m pretty sure more and more “.com people” will change their “.com is king” mindset in the near future.

    BTW: That link you posted on didn´t work. It redircted to Yahoo asking if we wanted to login as Anunt :(

  21. Back in the real World says

    Anunt –

    Are you on a wind up? Can you place a link to this portfolio if youre not joking 😉

  22. says

    Today, the greatest challenge for millions of dotcom account holders is to change their old-fashioned websites. Businesses, (mostly small and medium size) need to efficiently use the social media and start a new generation continuous-dynamic business publication (i.e. fresh news, events, special offers, product/services promotion etc.). This will be the new digital knowledge- or content flow. They will need to learn the new art and way of business communication and they need a smart technology to manage it.

    Our team wants to register the dotToday top-level domain name – carefully chosen – because of its impact, meaning, marketability and acceptance. It is easy to attach to corporate brands, cities, regions, activities and communities (i.e:,,,,,, etc.) The word “today” also implies actuality and continuity, used to express and connect to anything thinkable and is recognized in the entire world.

    DotToday Magazine System’s channel model (i.e:,,,, opens a wide range of opportunity for multiple linking, endless market(ting) targets, geo-community communication and representation. Our “business channel” as a virtual product, provides a powerful business publication engine for Magazine’s account holders, and also helps to organize and promote their Social Media activity.

  23. domainguy says

    google applying for 50 glds? this is revelant news. and it clearly shows there is a shift in the better marketer than google with 70% of search traffic. I see serious problems ahead for domainers..not good at all.It will be interesting what large portfolio do mann,schilling,marchez…they will clearly show the way in the future.I think thats whre the domains should focus their future articles…

  24. says

    With Google leading the charge, things will happen much faster. However, the biggest barrier to changing your web address is still the fact that you have to port you web site to the new domain and take a big SEO hit once Google stops transferring link juice to the new site. If Google makes it easier to port over your SEO to a new site, that will reduce a major barrier to change.

  25. says


    Any domain address change should be undertaken gradually, and with care. It should transition probably over a year or more.

    buy a new domain, set up a starter page, gradually start populating with content, links, some redirects.

    Google already has sensible guidelines in place at Webmaster Tools.

  26. Archiba says

    At first I thought max four letters rotd for best value. But there are some good ones at five letters for sure.



    Longer than five and it depends how many machines will auto complete the address.

  27. says

    I dont think dot com will ever die. And, I dont think the new tld’s are going to have a huge impact, especially if they are aimed at big business. Considering they cost $500k, dot com will still reign supreme!!!

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