Breaking: Dot-Nxt Conference Postponed

The Dot-Nxt conference organizers have just announced that it is postponing is conference, that was schedule for June 20th-22nd in London until the 3rd or 4th.

The conference was suppose to be held the week prior to the ICANN Conference in Prague.

The delay was blamed on ICANN and delay on the TAS system and the date for the “Big Reveal” which still has not been set by ICANN.

In an email today Kieren McCarthy said about the postponement of the conference:

“The reason is quite simple: the TAS delay. Although ICANN has finally opened it a month-and-a-half later, it still hasn’t provided a solid date for Reveal Day.

“At this stage, even if the information is provided on schedule, there isn’t enough time between that and our conference to get a proper feel for what we are looking at in terms of the new gTLD industry.”

This was to be the third Dot-Nxt conference, which is all about the new gTLD’s program and draws both applicants as well as consultants, back end providers, lawyers and others involved in the process.

I was schedule to speak at the conference in June.

Here is the offical announcement:

“”Due to ongoing uncertainty over ICANN’s application process for new gTLDs, we have decided to postpone the .Nxt conference, planned for 20-22 June in London.

We would like to apologize to all those that have already registered for the conference, and will shortly be in contact with everyone that has registered, booked rooms and/or signed up as a sponsor.

We will refund in full all hotel rooms and sponsorships. All tickets purchased will be automatically extended for admittance to the new date for the conference. We will also be running a series of session webinars as details of the new gTLD process finally emerge. A Q&A below should hopefully answer any other questions you may have.

We have made this decision reluctantly but with confidence that the current problems with the process will be temporary. If you have any questions with respect to this announcement””


  1. says

    Do you think that this could have something to do with the tremendous amount (atleast to myself) of new gTLD’s? As previously discussed, and visible from the poll to the left..

    Their Q&A did shed some light though.

  2. says

    “tremendous amount (atleast to myself) of new gTLD’s?”

    Do you believe everything ICANN tells you ?

    There could be 1000 Applicants ALL applying for ONE gTLD.

    Half of the Applicants could be paid shills ready to withdraw and now get a 100% refund. [Note how the refund policy was casually/quickly changed after the game started.]

    ICANN wants Applicants to consolidate so there should be less and less with only those Applicants ICANN “likes” in the final rounds.

    The entire ICANN Applicant process is a massive intelligence gathering operation by the spooks. It has very little to do with what consumers will see in the name spaces on their devices.

  3. Michael H. Berkens says


    Honestly I waited to Monday just because I really couldn’t see how this conference was going to take place but I got an award ticket on Virgin so I’m going to take the few days and see London, we never went because we had Bandit and they fly over to Prague

  4. says

    “non-refundable air tickets?”

    If it is like past ICANN (IANA) insider events – the {clued-in people} will STILL BE GOING :-)

    It is also fascinating to go to a venue a week before an event and see all the spooks, meeting & planning their strategies. They then stay and infiltrate the event.

    Then you have the growing crowd out in MDR, PlayaVista and SantaCruz trying to soak up some part of that $350,000,000 before it disappears.

    The folks in Reston are now running around claiming the Internet is out of (their) control :-(

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