Catching Up With Sales:;; + More

Here are some sales from from this past week: $8,200 $6,756 $4,655 $4,402 $4,311 $4,200 $3,800 $3,800 $3,600 $3,121 $2,988 $2,300 $1,710 $1,211 $1,112 $1,010


  1. Josh says, not horrible considering the audience.

    Still holding, hopefully things progress lol

  2. gosh says

    maybe the same moron who paid $8 for it?

    a cartel for controlling the price of aftermarket domain names. keep dreaming.

  3. Itsafail says

    On planet Earth A.D. 2012, is borderline crap so the seller is in fact a wise man (or woman).

  4. says

    Different people have different tastes. The domain may not be considered a great domain to some, I can think of many MANY instances where this would be an excellent domain. I’d say it’s all down to a domain’s potential as a brand and as a brand 3Dworld is not at all bad.

    Also, as I’m a designer by trade I can see the value in too. If branded correctly, this could be a very cool and modern, trendy website. I’d absolutely love to be the brand designer for

    If I saw either of these domain’s were available, I would definitely register them because like EVERY SINGLE brand-able domain, you only have to expose it to the right people to get yourself a sale.

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