With 8.5 Million Visitors a Month Hits The Sales Block

The category killer domain name is hitting the sales block. is being brokered by, and according to its press release has an Alexa Traffic Rank just above 700.

“ currently hosts a fully-featured online publishing platform that launched in January 2010 with great success.”

“Immediately, the site attracted upwards of 3 million unique monthly visitors and, since then, has grown exponentially. In March 2012, welcomed more than 8.5 million visitors that accounted for more than 19.3 million page views.”

“The entire site and its current infrastructure, including its user database, blog database, current software and media data, will be sold along with the domain name.”

“To see how popular the word ‘blog’ is, take a look at the Google AdWords tool — there are more than 151 million searches for the word every month”

Also there is very likely to be a new gTLD application for .blog which many believe will increase the value of the .com.

No price range was mentioned.


  1. Innocuous says

    Really hard to guess what it will go for, since it’s all about who the buyer is. But I think it should easily get into 8 figures and I wouldn’t be too surprised if it went to 9. Huffington Post went for $315m with 25m visitors/month. Anyway, will be interesting to watch, regardless.

  2. Sem says

    Wow. Don’t really know about this one. It could reach into 9 figures.

    Quantity of hits are not as important as you might think. Quality is much better.

  3. Louis says

    Arent there any business people that read this blog? Forget alexa and dreams of cpc where is the revenue how many subscribers etc to justify these fantasy figures every commenter is throwing out?

  4. Innocuous says


    You’re right, but still dude, you’re spoiling our fun.


    Looks like a Portuguese-based company, going by the name of ‘ International.’

  5. Sem says


    Imagine how that traffic COULD be monetized. If that site sold a product,of some kind, worth $100 with a success rate of 1%, you are looking at revenues of 8.5 Million per month. That’s $100,000,000 per year. Just based on potential, this thing is worth at least mid 8 figures. There are a lot of creative people out there who could make this happen.

    Take a look at lead generation sites. Some legal sites might get only a handful of leads but some of those leads can be worth into the millions for law firms (lawsuits etc.) So what does this make such a site worth? If a law firm stands to make $50,000,000 in fees over the next 2 years due to these leads, so how much is the site worth? I think you get my drift.

    Remember when Bankaholic sold for $15,000,000 to It was a simple blog with moderate traffic and a couple affiliate thingeys. The idea behind it was the “quality” of the traffic and lead potential. One customer coming from to could mean substantial profit. So was the site worth 15 Mill? Absolutely.

    As Rick Schwartz astutely pointed out on, if one click lands your business $20,000,000, then how much might your domain/website be worth? It is a statement worth some serious pondering.

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