New Free iPhone App Provides Domain Name Sales Data On 72,000 Domain Names

An Australian company Kikabink just launched a new iPhone® App called Domain Sales.

“The app provides access to more than 72,000 historical domain and website sales, enabling people to review sales prices and value domain names.”

“The Domain Sales app is a world first, providing sales data on top level domain names (TLDs) such as .com, .org and .net as well as country code top level domains (ccTLDs) such as .com, .au and .ca.”

“Business owners often have difficulty finding domain names, as many of them are already registered. As such they have to buy domains on the aftermarket. The issue then becomes, how much should they pay? The Domain Sales app solves that problem by providing comparable sales,” said Kikabink co-founder Simon Johnson.”

“Recent sales include:

  • sold for $1,000,000
  • sold for $500,000
  • sold for $90,000
  • sold for $45,000
  • sold for AU $33,333

“The real-estate industry uses comparable sales to value property. We believe Internet real-estate is no different. The Domain Sales app provides historical domain name and website sales dating back more than 10 years, from major aftermarkets, auctions and private sales. Users can also get real-time reports on what has just been sold, where and for how much,” said Johnson.

“We have seen many business owners who have been sitting on underdeveloped domains in their industry for years. Instead of letting their domains expire, many people are now waking up to the fact that their domains are worth something. They could be sitting on a goldmine. Anyone can now use our free Domain Sales app and turn their unwanted domains into cash,” said Johnson.

“We’re really proud of what the Domain Sales App can do. It really levels the playing field. Now anyone can get the facts and discover how much their domain or website might be worth.”

Domain Sales is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes® App Store at”

About Domain Sales
Domain Sales is a powerful iPhone® app that provides businesses with invaluable information for valuing domain names and websites. It includes extensive search criteria and analytics about each domain name. It can be downloaded free from the iTunes® App Store or by visiting



  1. Bill Sweetman says

    Cute little app. Well worth downloading and taking for a spin. Includes domain sales data from Flippa which will horrify some domainers though, LOL.

  2. says

    Got the press release too. Kikabink? Why are they using the (R) mark when no such mark exists?

    I still prefer for sale reports. Not everything needs to exist on an app.

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