Mike Mann Registered 11,000 New Domain Names Yesterday

I’ve been following Mike Mann’s Facebook page where yesterday he said he wound  up registering almost 11,000 domain names.

The Facebook post started off by saying that Mike registered 4,793 domain names, at the next update the number of registrations hit 6,640 and by the end of yesterday Mike had registered “almost 11,000 domains”

The 11,000 domain names were compiled from an ongoing list of domain names he has been working on for a while:

“Almost 11,000 names registered Tuesday from pending list I had built up.”

For Mike who has been in the business since the 1990’s,  it was a personal one day record for the most number of domains registered in one day.

All of Mike Mann domain names including the ones registered yesterday are on DomainMarket.com



  1. Michael H. Berkens says


    I like these


  2. RL says

    Consider this presentation defining the greater purpose of Mike Mann’s business, goals and strategies on his website:

    “We Do A Diligent Job Of Trying To Acquire the Very Best Domains”


    “Mann: That’s really the point. We do a diligent job of trying to acquire the very best domains, and again, 99.99 percent are for sale at DomainMarket.com.”

    Does anyone believe that Mike Mann’s acquisition of more than a thousand of the “Very Best Domains” has been done with with “Due Diligence”?

    Considering the way Mike Mann does his business I have no doubt that his latest registrations will be profitable.

  3. yyleng says

    many years ago, netsol didn’t bother to collect fees. some folks got a free ride for a while.

    the only question i have for mr. mann is how many of these registrations are being paid for via a credit facility?

    no doubt vrsn welcomes all the registration activity.

  4. Jp says

    I still maintain its a numbers game. If you have 10 domains like this you may sell one that more than pays for all 10, including all the renewals every 20 years. Renewals for 10 for 20 years is roughly $2k so let’s say you will sell one every 20 years for $2,500.

    If you own 13k names like this then you will sell let’s say 4 every month for an average price of $2,500. So in 12 months you sell $120k in domains, and 20 years $2.4M which is $400k profit over renewal cost.

    The cash flow out only happens once a year (like a tax) but the in-flow many times, so aside from the $20k annual profit from the 13k names it creates quite a useful monthly cash flow.

    Keep in mind these 13k names are not his only names.

    I’m sure he or MHB can tell you exactly how much a single domain is worth to them if you breakdown the formula.

    For example, with the numbers I used above, here Mann just needs to find a way to sell only 4 domains a month out of 13k domains, each domain ends up being roughly worth $1.54 a year in profit, whether it sells or not.

    The 13k domains only need to be so good to accomplish selling 4 a month.

    So Mann’s job and MHB’s job is to find a way to improve their system of picking and selling domains so that the per unit value goes up, even if just 1 penny. It’s a volume thing.

    Also bear in mind that these calculations above are assuming that the domains make $0 a year in parking.

    Bottom it’s a bit of a bankroll thing, and both of these folks were smart enough to produce a bankroll in the first place, probably working their asses off, and now it’s down to a money making system that you can’t really compare to someone who newly registers 1000 domains. Apples to oranges. The 1000 domains guy, assumin the domains are of the same quality, should be placed under a 5 year microscope to see the result and these guys are on a 1 week microscope to see a result.

    Your new reg’s may be working better than Mann’s but you won’t find out if you should ramp up for a looooooooong time.

    I’ve rambled enough.

  5. says

    Nice analysis, Jp.

    If you won all the major domain auctions on Namejet, Snapnames and Godaddy for a week, would that amount to $100k?

    I’d rather spend the $100k that way.

    Here are some of my auction wins over the past week (total cost: $3,500):


  6. Jp says

    Thanks Tony.

    Everybody is so critical of everyone else on the blogs. It’s like a troll parking lot.

    And folks I’m sure Tony isn’t spending $3,500 a week on domains if he is losing money on it before you all “appraise” his domains.

    I think it just sucks if you’ve bought a bunch of domains that didn’t work out and you watch other people be successful at what you think is the same thing.

    The two take-aways are, 1) maybe it’s not the same thing, and 2) maybe it is but you are on such a smaller scale and you need to re-align your expectations.

  7. says

    We also funnel the traffic to a network of portals we own and corporations we own to get more leverage from the names. Most of those domains will sell for $350 each but some are worth 10-20K, that list is lower end but I bought 500 high end finance names this week and tons on auctions and drops also. And we run a bunch of great corporations and charities this week and every week, please see links at http://www.mikemann.com

  8. says

    He probably registered the junk we drop and misses out on excellent sites that score major traffic with a few good articles.

    Even though 11,000 domains were registered, how many of the domains have potential? Are these domains he plans to retain for many years?

    It’s obvious his company registers everything most domainers drop. Of course, the domains have some search value.

  9. Jp says

    He only needs to sell less than a half of a half of a percent of them a month to make money. Why is it so hard to believe that he’d sell 4 a month out of this lot?

    It’s the same percentage wise as if you have 500 domains selling 1 about every 4 years, which would also be profitable. Seems reasonable to me.

  10. dumdumb says

    “bankroll thing” == upfront investment

    give joe domainer the cash to register 100k domain names and joe will be successful. but only if joe knows how the system works. it is not rocket science. but most people just haven’t got a clue.

    in a bookstore the other day i decided to take a quick look at the computer section just for fun. imaybe i could learn something. i opened up a book published by que titled “how computers work” or something similar. so how do they really work?

    well, thanks to this amazing book, i now know that udp actually stands for “user database protocol”.

    then i’m reading about bono and the edge investing millions in dropbox because they are “shrewd tech investors”. yes very shrewd.

    most folks, e.g. the ones who pay to use dropbox, who believe they are tech savvy can’t even recognise that s3 and dropbox are the same thing- they would actually believe amazon and dropbox are competitors. hmmmm.

    nor would they know that the enormous dropbox binary is just a bloated python script with the rsync library, and other free gpl-licensed code, compiled in. wait, “what’s rsync?”

    investing in things you really don’t understand. is that a good thing? no comment.

    want a domain name for your business? right this way…

  11. says

    domainers drop like 50,000 a day, of those I hand pick about 300, not exactly everything, just the best, domainmarket.com is the exact same as buydomains.com which was sold for considerable dollars which has benefited charity tremendously and will again and again unless you all compete harder, focus.

  12. says

    Each domainer should operate at the level that he or she feels comfortable with.

    It’s like mining for gold, some people use a small pan to sift through the mud a little bit at a time and some use bulldozers to look through truckloads of earth. The idea is to find some gold nuggets.

    Here are some domains that I just registered inspired by all the talk about the new intelligent sunglasses and eyewear.









































































  13. dumbdumbYOURWRONG says


    your so wrong dude. get one name. flip it. get another name. flip it. build up and its like reinvesting in a mutual fund. Keeps adding up. But with domains its so much greater then investing a mutual fund.

    While I disagree with Mann in many ways, my views of his “domain business” is changing and more encouraging. There are some names I would like to approach him on and acquire. But there offers only and he wont sell them for 500 each probably in new list of names.

    The cnet story was good but it also didnt disclose a fact. Tm issues a few months ago.

  14. paxor says

    Im seeing total wastes of money. These bulk reg lists are killing me. Mike Mann just wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars. Nice job Mik.

  15. klickr success says

    Get off Mike Mann’s case and stop hating. Few here can achieve in a lifetime what Mike achieves in a week. He’s a visionary and keeps up with news, trends, technology so his decisions are well informed. If you want to share as generously as he has recipes for success that can actually make a difference in someone’s life that reads this- by all means. Otherwise find a kindergarden class to cry in.

  16. says

    Mike has only been buying and selling domains at a high level of profit for only 15 years now so give a newbie a break guys…ROFLMAO… the same mentality deemed Rick Swartz dumb in 1996….and who is he again;)

  17. dumbdumb says


    best of luck with the “reg one, flip one, repeat” strategy. it certainly can work.

    there are various strats in domaining. and they are not mutually exclusive.

    but if you are paying careful attention to domainers like mann, and it seems you are, then you will notice they have not reached the level they are at by reg’ing one name at a time. or 50. or 100. or 1000.

    sure, their climb may have started with just one name that they sold for a windfall. and likely it was many years ago, when conditions were different. and then the lightbulb went off. “domains names… as a business. yes, it could work.”

    several of the large portfolio domainers discovered domain names by accident. they were not initially thinking of domain names as the most effective way to approach the web as a business opportunity.

    but then, ask yourself, how did they respond after their discovery? did they think “gee, let’s think of another name i can flip?” or did they reg’d names en masse. like there was no tomorrow.

    that is for you to answer.

    some think small. and some think big.

    mann’s strategy is [con]catenation. the right pair of keywords + .com. but the lists he generates are not short. and why do you think that they are so long? a lot of trial and error goes into developing a sense for what catenated names will work and what names will not. but even after so many years, look at how long his lists are.

  18. says

    @ Mike Mann

    I (personally) think that this was a brilliant strategy, and fully expect that when you tally-up the revenues generated, they’ll far exceed your investment.

    Of course, the global PR that you received by doing this is probably worth multiple seven-figures, so that made the whole endeavor worth it, regardless.

    And, to me, the best part about what you’ve done is to validate that there are still a ton of quality names sitting in the ‘unregistered queue’: And, frankly, with the lightspeed pace of technological advancements being made every day – and many of these developments being referred to with newly-coined terms -, it’s just shocking to realize that anyone could possibly think that all the opportunities for hand-registration have passed.

    Good luck with this, particular, portfolio. I’m pretty sure, though, that you’ll make your own luck, here.

  19. 3D is my life says

    What most here fail to recognize about themselves is that they are nitwits and buffoons. The Mann just does and the nitwits hate.

  20. says

    …the old saying is “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure” and in the case of endusers, it is another person’s business. Mike Mann knows this principle and applies it well.

    I still admire his tenacity in finding names that may one day be of use to said enduser.

  21. jose says


    “well, thanks to this amazing book, i now know that udp actually stands for “user database protocol”. ”

    ahahahaha! I bet this line got lost to the majority of other readers.

    nice point.

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