Aura Capital Spends Over $133K On Two .Com.Au Domain Names Last Week & One Was A Drop

According to a story just published in, Aura Capital described as a “private equity firm” spend over $133K last week in purchasing two .Com.Au domain name

Aura paid over $133,000 for the” and $33,000 for, was a drop domain name, and according to the story is the “second-highest price ever paid for a URL ( bought after a name lapse.

“Aura Capital director Calvin Ng told SmartCompany both purchases were “purely opportunistic”, although the business does have investments in home loan companies and services.

“We haven’t determined the exact strategy for these yet, it’s opportunistic,” he says. “The guy who owned the calculator URL had let it lapse, and so we just snapped it up.”

The story also chats about old domain name sales.


  1. Josh says

    Quite the price realized for a on a drop, almost makes you think that who is bidding dictates how high it goes hhhmmm

  2. says

    There are many active domainers in Australia (jncluding myself) although it is hard when half the population do not even know what a domain is and the need for and Abn plus the love affair with facebook ….

  3. 3D is my life, is it yours too says

    Cline, I see the whois contact info on the 3L .co name you claimed to have sold last week actually was updated. Nice sale, ole buddy. Was the price really $5k?

    You might be half nuts, but you really seem to be able to sell those .co’s.

  4. says

    just think about it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the tremendous value in


    if is going for $133,000.00

    then just imagine, just imagine what must be worth.

    better yet should be worth.

    I’d say it is worth at least 10x given the global recognizable respected nature of .Co

  5. 3D is my life, is it yours too says

    Let’s not go crazy here, Cline. It’s doesn’t have “global recognizable respected nature” yet. Will it ever, who knows. But, it has been marketed with that slogan since it was first launched. How could it have acquired those characteristics right from the gate. Just chill a bit, boss.

  6. says


    has been a class act from day 1.

    And it doesn’t just sit on its laurels.

    I am sure the powers of Calle, Lori and the .Co registry is hard at work marketing and growing the incredible first class domain space.

    All hale to your new King


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