Star Jones Becomes Lastest Celebrity To Lose Her Domain Name As Deletes Today

Star Jones has become the latest celebrity to lose the domain name of her official site, as today the domain name is being deleted by the central registry and dropped.

In the past year we have covered stories of celebrities and athletes, or their management company’s who have let their domain names expire, including and

The domain name was owned by Girlfriend Enterprises, Inc, of New York and first registered in 2000.

According to the domain was being used by the star as her official site.

Star Jones is a former co-host of the television show The View and has been in the news recently.

The domain name was registered at

As always we waited until the drop catcher services deadline passed before reporting on the story, and urge all professional domain investors not to register or try to catch these types of domain names.



  1. says

    The auctions were cancelled mid auction by snapnames.
    I have seem numerous A and B list celebs names on the drop list, as well as many professional athletes. Between Facebook and Twitter I don’t think celebs care all that much about their domain names anymore.

  2. Meyer says

    It appears Namejet caught it. (registrar – threadwise)

    Fortunately, there are only 4 backorders in NJ.
    Which means 99% of the domainers chasing expired domains
    did not go for the domain.

    Maybe, as an industry, we are learning.

  3. says

    This name very well could be used for legitimate generic reasons, like chasing stars for instance. You let it delete and you lost the longevity of the name, birth name or not. Just like everyone else out there so hopefully someone has some sense in the usage of it. I would put up ads about telescopes and stars :)

  4. Ron says

    classman is it worth the headache if you get a udrp?

    Of all the names dropping, and there are a lot, better fish to fry?

  5. says

    I always wonder when I see these types of domain drops involving celebrities just who is managing their online personas. It just does not make rational sense for a celebrity to lose their stage name. I mean in the cases, it is all about exposure right?

  6. says

    @ipl- You will not get the domain which is expired .Most of the domain are at backorder. So you need to purchase the same from the new client.

  7. says

    While I think it isn’t a good idea to grab the domain with intentions to profit from it. I think it would be a good way to get to talk to some celebrity you wouldn’t otherwise hear from.

    I’d just say have Star Jones give me a call and I’ll gladly return the domain for no charge.

  8. says

    Losing celebs’ domain names is not profitable
    to domain flippers who know their onions.

    There is no sense registering or buying
    trouble in advance.

  9. D.Simms says

    Hey, this happened to Microsoft a few years ago. Somebody there dropped the ball and let expire — heads probably rolled on that one. Fortunately a good samaritan consultant picked it up and returned it to them.

    This was in earlier days of the net. You may have trouble finding the story because I’m sure it embarassed Gates and Microsoft. But then, at first the Internet wasn’t even on Microsoft’s radar. Now they act like they invented it (dot net anyone?)

    Proof of Microsoft’s ignorance of the Internet can be found in the first edition of Bill Gates’ book that came out around that time, “The Road Ahead”. That first edition of the book doesn’t even mention the Internet. They quickly rolled out a second edition that was updated to include the Internet. They were floppin’ around like a dyin’ fish outta water. Still are, according to some.

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