Mexican Billonaire To Finace A New Internet Tv Network: just reported that Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is financing an internet TV network which will be called Ora.Tv

The network will  feature on-demand content and will produce “a wide range of programs that transcend traditional formats,” the website said and a show with former television host Larry King.

“Slim’s America Movil, one of the world’s biggest telecommunications firms, will fund the station that will be led by Jon Housman, who was formerly the president of digital journalism at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation” will be launched this year but it does not have a start date yet.

Ora in  English is “Now” is owned by  Fotonauts Inc out of Palo Alto California

This could  certainly a big boost for the .Tv extension.


  1. Rich says

    Ora in English is “Now” ,u mean spanish

    is this the seven figure u talked about last week ?

    I began buying in too .tv, i like it

  2. Michael H. Berkens says

    Well the English translation of Ora is Now.

    The .Tv transaction a commentator to the blog indicated would be released said it was a two word domain so this would not be that one.

  3. says

    From what I’ve read, Senor Slim doesn’t enter into a new venture unless he’s quite certain he’s going to be successful; he makes a plan, deploys capital, and executes the plan with perfection.

    Very nice news, indeed for .tv investors.

  4. says

    Headline News Network is launching sometime in 2013 – I’ll be wearing my bathrobe, sitting at my kitchen table, streaming each day’s headlines straight to your ipads via HNN.

    I’ve no doubt that millions in ad dollars will flow into my coffers.

  5. says

    Direct to web productions, both TV & movies, are the wave of the future. Big Media will get left in the dust as scores and scores of small start-ups launch begin streaming quality content over the web, reaping billions in advertising dollars.

    The .TV extension is a natural fit for all of the above.

  6. says

    What this tells you, I, and everyone in the world is that


    represents established, well funded companies.

    You will see hedge funds, banks, large/huge companies only solely using short brandable domains that are


    LLL.Co’s and to a little lesser extent’s

  7. says


    this article has everything to do with short domains


    period. end of story whether

    in .com, .tv, .Co

    it don’t matter.



    look the best in everyone’s opinion.

  8. says

    Shake, shake, shake my boottie, shake my boobie, shake by bootie


    just got more valuable.

    If this is the type of domain that the richest money is being poured into,

    then you got GOLD.

    This is the type of news that everyone, I mean every one 6,200,000,000 people of this planet earth will take notice. At least 6,200,000 will say hey if I have my website also on a


    my company can be seen to be as established as the Billionaire and his ORA.

  9. says

    .co is for people who forget to type the “m” on the end of a .com domain. I’d never use a .co for business, maybe a personal blog or something, but NEVER for a business.

  10. says

    Oh man,

    every single day there is exciting news on


    in one shape or form.

    now people like


    is jealous he don’t got any game

    in LLL’s

    boy, this is a one, two combination.

    just last week it was announced that all LLL.Co’s are taken

    now it looks like the richest fattest Billionaires are betting their $Millions on LLL’s

    hell yeah,

    LLL.Co’s all the way baby.

  11. says

    just a side note


    was sold for $1,500.00 (they got a great deal)
    and is now transferred. It still has the old data but you can see it is now with enom which is the new buyer’s registrar. This one is for the 1 person that called me out.

  12. Mr.T says

    “now it looks like the richest fattest Billionaires are betting their $Millions on LLL’s

    hell yeah,

    LLL.Co’s all the way baby.”

    @Robert – yeah, a mexican billionaire is investing in .TV, not .Co. I can only think of one LARGE Corp that invested in .Co, and we all know how that story ended.

    Mr Slim is playing his cards right, he got Larry King in on .TV.

    Time will tell how this new collab will affect the .TV extension.

  13. Back in the real World says

    I have a client, Liquified Petroleum Energy Company, that are looking for a short domain, does anyone have one for sale? They have £50,000 to spend.


  14. Tom SAutter says

    Could the hype for .Co that’s being posted here be an opportunity to take advantage of the news about the investment in .TV by the worlds richest man? It’s more pump and dump for .CO?

  15. says

    I have nothing against LL or LLL or LLLL domains but I don’t believe this announcement is really about the investment merit of LLL domains in alt TLDs. “Ora” has a meaning in Italian (now) and the domain was also registered the same day (similar meaning in Spanish). Why a foreign-language domain was chosen to brand what appears to be English-language content is not clear. However, despite a number of .TV domain registrations, I don’t intend to start looking for LLL .TVs to register.

    My wife and I plan to go to Colombia in 2012 but I don’t hold any .CO domains (even in Spanish where they make more sense).

  16. domo sapiens says

    ORA not spanish for Now.

    I can’t imagine the traffic bleed eventually towards / and

    Not one semi-educated spanish speaking person would write that…

    Even Trillionaires can make mistakes ja ja.

    Time will prove me right.

  17. Michael H. Berkens says

    All I can tell you that when you type in Ora the Spanish word and ask it to translate it to English it comes up with “now” so bitch to Google

  18. domo sapiens says

    MHB I believe you , I just question the I.Q. of the person that choose the domain for a mega project (not the extension).

    Ora is a low as you can get as far as misspelling a Sspanish word.
    (perhaps they will be targeting the tex-mex market)

    Televisa has been somewhat successful using .tv ‘s in Mexico mainly made up names (TV shows)

    It’s a powerful combination. (Owning a TV Broadcaster / combined with a catchy memorable URL)

  19. says

    Yes, good news for .tv. I wish he’d chosen a Spanish
    IDN for the identity ‘though; it would help Mexicans
    realise that Spanish letter names, like ó.com, really
    do exist…

  20. says

    CAA (largest Hollywood Talent Agency), HDNet (owned by Mark Cuban), & Ryan Seacrest are partnering to launch a Huge entertainment network.

    Their website will be on …..

    Looks to me like .tv is slowly gaining mainstream traction – good for aftermarket prices.

  21. .tv is rockin' says


    Thanks, man. That is big news for .TV; Mark Cuban is the biggest name yet to go with a .TV domain for his site.

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