First 7 Figure .TV Domain Name Sale To Be Reported “Within A Week To A Fortune 500 Company”??

According to a comment left on on our post about Verisign’s renewal of the .TV contract, the first seven figure domain name is going to be reported to “within a week”

The commentator goes on to say that the .TV domain name sale is in escrow and is being purchased by a Fortune 500 Company.

“”First 7-figure .tv sale to be reported to DnJournal within one week”

“”Just waiting for payment to escrow acct.”

“”Buyer is fortune 500 corp., domain is two word financial term”

“That’s all for now”

It would certainly be great news for .TV investors actually all domainers if this sale does in fact go through and if it gets reported.

Over the years we have heard about six figure .TV domain name sales but all have been under NDA’s.

If in fact a Fortune 500 company is the buyer of the domain name, its truly huge news.




  1. Louise says

    @ MHB said:

    Just got this update on a comment left on on the original post:

    “””at the 11th hour, they forced us to sign an NDA – sorry for the hype

    “”money has cleared escrow, $1.35mm (we picked up this domain for less than $2000, four years ago)

    good luck, all””

    Is it TedHens? Four years ago, TedHens purchased from DNSResearch (took advantage of 3 days of professional DomainTools promotion!).

    Congratulations to TedHens for its purchase of four years ago, in any case.

  2. Louise says


    Michael H. Berkens permalink
    Just got this update on a comment left on on the original post:
    “””at the 11th hour, they forced us to sign an NDA – sorry for the hype
    “”money has cleared escrow, $1.35mm (we picked up this domain for less than $2000, four years ago)
    good luck, all””

    Dr. Hartnett purchased four years ago from DNSResearch. That’s ANOTHER similarity!

  3. Louise says

    Oops! Have to eat my words! Ammar on has been in touch with the owner, who said it isn’t: and posted a link that showed sold for five figures in 2007. My bad for thinking a great keyword dot tv like would sell for only four figures, even as early as 2007!!!

  4. says

    DU, wrote a spot on post on Allthings.TV saying that NDA is already broken since too much info leaked, for example enduser being a Fortune 500 company.
    That also means its a bit easier to find if this BS or not.

    Either way “dont…dont believe the hype”(Public Enemy).

  5. Louise says

    Since @ MHB is officially in the non-believers column, would you consider that sales “hype” might be non-official marketing by Verisign?

    Verisign worth some 5 billion. Is it out of proportion to suggest the best investment in its advertising spending might be to buy and sell dot com/net/tvs between proxy “investors?”

    But, it doesn’t want too close a scrutiny. That is why the NDA.

  6. Louise says

    In other words, Verisign just solidified its contract to run dot tv through 2021, so it – slam bang – had its insiders, the syndicate, announce the 7-figure sale, which respectable blogger Michael Berkens took and run with, so the feed turned up on Techmeme and Google, that the first seven-figure dot tv sale took place!!!

    What better PR is there than that?

  7. Louise says

    A temp agency assigned me and a handful of others to show up in office looking professional and occupy some cublicles, taking notes and phoning eachother on the different extensions, so that when the seller brought someone to look at the business for sale, it looked like a busy, thriving office!

    Likewise Verisign could infuse the market with a few mil to buy and sell back and forth some high-profile domains, to “stage” the domain market with some splashy sales, especially with .tv, which success it depends on, being the registry for it.

    Any Verisign reps want to weigh in?

  8. says


    From VRSN.

    “Revenues from .cc, .tv, .name and .jobs are not significant”

    I think that says quiet a lot. There are many strategies to increase the value of your assets. Deceit is usually not recommended.

  9. Louise says

    Thanx, @ unknown, for the explanation.

    Deceit isn’t recommended publicly, but it is reality behind closed doors, isn’t it?

    $$ allocated for PR could be infused to keep the aftermarket healthy. It’s all Verisign/Registrar’s advantage. They tried to formally do away with vertical integration, and there is likely none when it comes to aftermarket profits. That is why very few dropped domains make it back to be available to hand reg.

    It’s PR to keep the aftermarket healthy. Godaddy makes its fee, and so does likely Verisign . . .

    Isn’t it the reason Sedo reports all sales – including only its escrow sales – as Sedo market sales? Plump up the numbers.

  10. Louise says

    Not, “do away with vertical integration,” but do away with LIMITS on vertical integration: that is what I meant. I wouldn’t be surprised if Verisign is enjoying a cut of aftermarket sales.

    This topic is petering out. I am the last one posting on, “First 7 Figure .TV Domain Name Sale To Be Reported “Within A Week To A Fortune 500 Company”??”

    theDomains is a blog I enjoy because the editor has legal background and publishes well-researched stories, so it’s okay to ask: when an anonymous commenter brags about a sale next time, and he’s not in your group, please don’t create a headline about the ficticious sale. Thank you.

  11. says

    Anyone who really thinks VeriSign would make this sale up (or even report it) is delusional and has no idea what they are saying. That is one of the dumbest things I have heard in the domain space. Give me a break.

  12. Nathan Bauer (large .tv domain sale) says

    I can now officially report that the media company of which I am general counsel, sold a two-word (11 letters total) .tv domain for $595,000. The funds hit our account this past Friday afternoon.

    Although we aren’t bound by an NDA, I’m reluctant to share the domain name, as it would remove the veil of privacy that our owner likes to keep in place. I’m sharing the sale, because I personally, am a domain investor and have purchased a number of lower end .tv domains. I read this blog at least once a week and feel like this is my way of contributing.

    The domain we sold was purchased in 2003 for a project that we never got around to launching. Our purchase price at the time was a bit under $10,000. The domain was beach/travel related.

  13. says

    Nathan you are full of it and bringing the rest of .tv investors down with your B.S

    I guess this is one way to gain attention ………….. for what reasons ……who would know ?

    Stop wasting our time

  14. dont talk the talk if you cant prove shit says NDA and you cant prove shit.

    Get over yourself dude. You either announce or you dont. Whatever.

    Another person to ignore

  15. dont talk the talk if you cant prove shit says

    you can contribute this:

    report to dnjournal with proper documentation.

    in the meantime this dosent mean shit.

  16. says


    President Reagan once put it this way…”Trust but verify.” You are halfway there, now you gotta go the rest of the distance. The .tv extension is all about reality, now…

  17. Large Domain Investor prepping to register over 10,000 .TV domains this week...RUMOR says

    The sheet I’ve seen had over 10,800 domains, but I don’t think it’s a complete list – could be more by week’s end.


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