Frank Schilling’s New Blog Post: “This Business Still Offers Opportunity Like No Other!”

Frank Schilling just posted a new article up on his blog, entitled  “There Are No Accidents” and while we don’t usually cover other domain blogs, Frank now posts just a few times a year and they are always well written in a way only Frank can do it.

On the topic of not blogging very much, Frank said:

“When I’m blogging, I’m not innovating.  Blogging is an opportunity to vent and reflect, but when you’re venting and reflecting you’re not growing.”

On Domainfest:

“It was terrific and weird going to Domainfest this January – so many new faces full of hope and ambition. That was terrific.”

It was weird being the elder statesman of the show.  I actually signed autographs – that was weird. All those new folks have found “THE BEST” space in which to make a living””

On the Domain Industry:

“”This business still offers opportunity like no other!  So many un-mined veins.

“There are just 200 million names registered for 7 billion people (and 500 million businesses) to share.”

“My nephew Rylan’s coming of age reminds me that the 7billionth child will be ready to set up her new email address in 10 short years. Number 7 billion will have a different spectrum of names from which choose, but judging by Rylan’s reaction to the gift of – they will still covet the .com more than their ultimate choice””

Advice on your own domains:

“My advice for those in this space this year is to hunker down and work hard.”

” Rid yourself of problem names and names with no revenue. Do a better job managing your good names and pay your renewals out in advance”


“If you’re a generic name operator who has not tried our platform, give us a try or at least make us aware of your portfolio so we know who you are, because we won’t likely have the time to deal with latecomers as we work to improve the fortunes of those who believed in us from the beginning, later in 2012.”

“Everyone in this space (whether they work with us or not) should have a pretty good year this year, but I hope to work harder than ever to unlock the value of the portfolios which we manage. I want to pay back those who believed in me and create a cycle of prosperity for those who had faith in me.  If you thought last year was surprising, this year will floor you. All the changes we execute this year are designed to unlock the value and increase the cash flow of the generic name owners we support.”

You can and should read Franks entire post here


  1. domo sapiens says

    I felt his message “which most people missed’ was …

    You re-invent yourself, you trim down, you roll with the punches , you lose some, you go out on a limb ( *internet traffic , fantastic numbers so far ) , you surround yourself with great people a la Google , you renovate and then you work harder than ever …

    … at an even $1,000,000.

    That name topped a stunning hit list of February sales at the firm that gave 10 of the 20 entries on our new all extension Top 20 Sales Chart, including 7 places in the top 10 (and those were just sales they were able to share with me – the majority of their sales were subject to non-disclosure agreements).

    * see

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