Sells For $48K To Dolphin Energy a Huge Oil Company In The UAE

Ron Jackson reported the news today as part of his weekly report on, that the domain name sold for $48K.

The seller was the .Co registry.

The buyer was Dolphin Energy which is a big oil company out of the United Arab Emirates.

Dolphin  put out a press release on January 26th last week (without the price listed) announcing the acquisition:

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, January 26, 2012:

“”Dolphin Energy Limited today announced that it has acquired the Internet domain name ‘’ from .CO Internet S.A.S., the company that manages the .CO root domain.”

“The company will use the domain name ‘’ to enhance its existing online presence with a short, memorable domain that will help the company to engage with its stakeholders locally and across the Middle East region more easily.”

“The company has also taken the opportunity to register the both ‘dolphin’ and ‘dolphinenergy’ names under the Arabic .emirates and .qatar root domains respectively.”

“Dolphin Energy transports natural gas from Qatar to the emirates of the UAE and Oman. The move to acquire the ‘’ domain name comes at a time when there is an increase in the number of companies acquiring .CO domain names.”

More about the company:

“”Dolphin Energy was established in March 1999 as an initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi.

The founders had always conceived Dolphin Energy as a force for international cooperation – one that would unite the vision and resources of the region with multinational capital and expertise. Total of France was accordingly invited to become a shareholder in Dolphin Energy during 2000. After a further selection process, Occidental Petroleum of the USA became the company’s second international partner in 2002.

The three Dolphin Energy Limited shareholders are Mubadala Development Company with 51 percent, and Total and Occidental Petroleum with 24.5 percent each. Mubadala Development Company is wholly owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Now that the price has been released it another nice .Co sale to a major company.

Congrats to the .Co registry and Dolphin Energy



  1. says

    .Co is now officially your new King.

    Price all your one word premium .Co domain names accordingly.

    .Co really is better in many ways than .com

    it combines the best of both worlds, .com and mobile

    .Co = .com + mobility

    wow, I am genius

    sometimes I even amaze myself.

    .Co = .com + mobility

    would be a great banner advertisement.

    If Calle and registry uses this, I claim first copyright and trademark rights on the above phrase. The phrase is got to be worth $100k right ?

  2. says

    I claim rights to all above permutations as well, like

    .Co = .com + mobile
    .Co = mobile + .com
    .Co = mobility + .com

    but the concept is got to be mine.

    this is a new world folks.

    adjust or be left out.

  3. says

    OK. I was waiting for some great .co news and here is some! Thanks for reporting this MHB! They didn’t hoard all of the great names. I have a lot of good ones.

    Quick question. I own and if you go to it goes to GE healthcare site, any reason why GE would own that name? Just seems weird to me.

  4. says

    there are hundreds of


    sales happening everyday, unreported.

    what is reported here by for sedo and afternic is probably <1% of actual sales that go on in the world.

    for example

    I have sold for $3,000.00 for $1,500.00

    and 12 other .co name sales I have made recently have not even seen the light of day in getting reported.

  5. says

    I would say congrats to the registry, but I really don’t have any idea why was reserved to start with.

    Too bad other extensions don’t get the same publicity across the domain world based on a handful of isolated sales.


  6. Rich says

    That’s good news again for the .co registry, congratulations to the buyer and seller.

    Tha’s not true, i have at least 60 one word generic names that i managed to pick up from the beginning of .co.

    you have a point, that was not a domain name that you hold on because its powerful.

  7. Ron says

    .co overall has been a bust, with the amount godaddy has pushed this, the registry seems to have timely sales, to keep the suckers buying.

  8. says

    all hail to the new King of the internet


    many here will not forget this until death.

    this is how life changing, life altering experience


    has been to most people here.

    it is no exaggeration to say that


    has been transformative to every living person on this planet,

    not having to even mention every single person that comes to this site.

  9. says

    the fact of the matter is


    is where the future is.

    godaddy already knows this.



    godaddy has no growth, that is why when you go to

    godaddy’s home page

    .Co is prominently placed side by side, equal with .com

    they know that their future growth is with .Co

    period, end of story. no one can deny this.

  10. says


    You are not adding anything to the conversation…just noise…please stop.


    a bust? by what measure? are they supposed to have 100 million domains out there already?

  11. Ron says

    @ christopher

    a bust is when people don’t renew their premium domains like the godaddy auction drop in august… never see .com names like that drop, people couldn’t be bothered to pay $30 renewal fees… .xxx is going to be worse, I guess the cheerleaders got you all worked up, keep buying, let’s see if you can pay your renewal fees, ask the best of the best, traffic is just not their as originally thought…

  12. says


    “traffic is just not their as originally thought…”

    you are about as ignorant as stupid can come. you give domainers a bad name.

    traffic doesn’t just come.

    you have to build a quality site and then they will come.

    The great thing about


    is that in all the numerous independent studies .Co ranks equally if not better than .com

    for the same quality level site.

  13. says


    There may have been drops last summer (as you have in any TLD), but the namespace still has “over 1.1 million registrations” (source:, more than in June, a month before the expiration date, when the Registry announced the millionth registration.

    @mr Cline

    Stop your rant!

  14. Anon says

    “Lightning Strikes” sale. These keep the believers believing, scratching off those lotto tickets…

    If we were to add up all the net profit made by domainers selling .co names on the aftermarket and from that total, subtract the associated costs domainers bear to acquire and carry all the .co domains that are currently held in a speculative capacity, there would be a massive negative significant balance (Unless, of course, you’re the .co registry) sold for $40K, per that same DNJournal report, yet I don’t see anyone running to flog the .pro horse. We all know the reasons why.

  15. cm says

    many .com owners had to settle with getting a 2 or 3 word .com instead of the one word .com that they craved for…. many domainers know that feeling.

    if you can’t have the .com, a shorter alternative that looks good….looks good.

  16. JamesD says

    @Robert Cline – “you are about as ignorant as stupid can come. you give domainers a bad name.

    traffic doesn’t just come.

    you have to build a quality site and then they will come.”

    Traffic does ‘just come’ – quality names get it; .co names don’t. If you have to build a quality site to get it, then you can use any extension – .ws would do.

  17. Johnnie says

    Congrats to for the increase in traffic they’ll get when people type it in wrong. Some random company in the Middle East bought a .co, stop the presses.

    And it’s not like they’re giving up their main site,

  18. says


    What I find interesting is that, in UAE, they’re so aware of the extension: “The move to acquire the ‘’ domain name comes at a time when there is an increase in the number of companies acquiring .CO domain names”

  19. Johnnie says

    That’s just a press release. If wasn’t for sale, they would buy dolphin.something else. How many here have even heard of this company before they bought this domain? Probably nobody.

    “increase in the number of companies acquiring .CO domain names”

    You can say that with just about any extension. And .co is just too close to .com, will always be a .com leak.

    Again, we’ll have to see what the do with this purchase. It might just be a redirect to their .com for all we know.

  20. says


    “How many here have even heard of this company before they bought this domain? Probably nobody.”

    Exactly. That’s why I find interesting that an unknown company in Middle East knew about .CO and was willing to spend all that money on an ‘unproven’ TLD.

  21. Johnnie says

    All that money? They’re in the oil business, this is a dinner bill to them. They’re Dolphin Energy, it’s not surprising they like the word Dolphin. They might/or will have that term in other extensions as well. What’s more interesting is that a press release (not a real news story) from some company we’ve never heard of in the Middle East is big news. How about a big company we might have actually heard of, like an or something.

  22. says

    I’d be a lot more thrilled if it were a fellow investor’s sale.

    I’m invested in .CO, but I find it interesting that the Registry has put Buy It Now prices on a lot of the Premium Reserved/Restricted names. One could argue that it’s because they know priced names sell faster, but with good keywords, you’d think they’d be leaving money on the table. I don’t recall seeing a lot the Sedo/BIN links in WhoIS searches before. They’re either selling for faster visibility and higher sales volume, or they’re selling quickly to get out.

  23. Johnnie says

    “but with good keywords, you’d think they’d be leaving money on the table.”

    If you’re talking about the ones they recently listed at Sedo, which can be found at, they’re priced so ridiculously high IMO, that if they get any sale at all, they wouldn’t be leaving any money on the table at all, they would be making some very nice sales. They have like 22 listed at $100,000 and up.

  24. says

    @ Johnnie

    I’m talking about ones that are listed at Sedo for between $7,000 – $20,000. I don’t have a list because they’re just names I’ve run across doing (extensive) WhoIS searching. I agree the $100,000 prices are a little wacky.

  25. Johnnie says

    Ah ok, must be something they’re doing recently. The 726 they put up at Sedo recently (can be viewed at range from $10,000 to $150,000. Looking at them, I thought they were Buy Now as well, but those are listing prices and set to Make Offer. I see the ones you mentioned as Buy Now.

  26. says


    it is good to see that even you recognize the obvious

    tangible benefits to holding the .Co domains.

    you said it yourself:

    It is shorter then .com

    Abbriviation of company

    just 2 of the obvious advantages but there are hundreds of benefits. and any LLLs in most extensions especially in

    .Co, .com, etc. are very valuable. sold for $48,000

    are all worth at least $48,000 now.

  27. Back in the real world says

    The never ending .co saga.

    Started buying domains around the launch of .Co made all the mistakes that everyone makes regging some hand regs and buying into a new extension, namely .co. Fortunately I listened to what I read on boards like this and didnt go crazy with either mistake.

    I used to read the comments of people saying .Com is king and a part of me would think along the lines of “these people are invested in .Com so thats why they are saying this” however the opposite is the truth. Robert Cline bangs the .Co drum because he is invested in it, not because his opinion is grounded in any reality.

    I wouldnt reccomend .Co to anyone as an investment to sell on. Even though there is leakage to .Com I would say that .Co would be a good choice for building a website on, you can pick up a domain for £30-£500 and thats nigh on any domain name, forget these highlighted big sales they are smoke and mirrors. People say “then youre going to have to buy the .Com” well quite frankly if youre able to do so it shows that the .Co site has made money so that argument is moot for me.

    So anyone my ten pence on this is that you should avoid buying .Co to resell and to put this into perspective, as opposed to having:

    Every animal on the planet
    Every plant on the planet
    Every colour known to man
    Every country on Earth
    Every 3 letter variation

    all in .Co

    I would take:

    One domain name like a or a

    Without blinking.

  28. says

    @ Robert


    are all worth at least $48,000 now.”

    Your logic is so flawed.


  29. says

    @real world

    I too would trade all my domains for

    that’s and easy call there.

    but all in all


    is where to build and invest at the present moment.

    calling it like it is.

  30. Free Pub says

    Who heard of these guys before now?
    No one!
    So the price was worth it just for the exposure
    A one page ad in a paper costs more
    They got their moneys worth already!

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