Inside The Numbers: Sedo 2011 Sales Report Covering $85 Million Dollars In Domain Sales published its 2011 domain name Sales Report (pdf)

Here are some of the more interesting numbers out of the report:

“In total, there were 39,951 domains sold across Sedo’s Domain Marketplace in 2011”

The total sales volume was $84,431,965.

“80% of sales revenue consisted of confidential sales”

“47% of traded domain names during 2011 were sold at prices at or under $500.”

Only 6% of sales were $10K or more.

“44% of all sales were .com domains”

“18% were .De domains (of course is headquartered in Germany

“150 different TLDs being traded on the marketplace, and for the first time, previous top ten candidates such as .fr and .es dropped down the list to be replaced by .co and .me.”

“Although the year saw fewer domain sales and lower sales revenue than 2010, the median prices of almost all domain extensions increased, with the most notable growth among TLDs that are seen as a viable alternative to the ever popular .com. ”

These were the top 10 categories for domains sold through marketplace in 2011:

1. Business

2. Shopping

3. Computers

4. Recreation

5. Arts

6. Society

7. Health

8. Science

9. Sports

10. Games



  1. Michael H. Berkens says

    Well the problem with market share is that even as Sedo notes 80% of all their sales are confidential.

    Sedo report the confidential sales total (so does but the vast majority of non-reported sales are well non-reported and based on Sedo own numbers 80% of their sales are non-reportable so the total market is unknown therefore Sedo market share is unknown

  2. Emma says

    Sedo should be taken to court for inflating the sale of domain names. All these sales never took place. This is luring people to invest in domain names business thinking it a promising business when the chances of wining a lottery are even far greater than selling a domain names. I won $5000 lottery prize 6 times in just 3 years but never sold a single domain name since I started domaining, that is, 12 years a ago. This thing is going to ruin people’s lives.

    Stop domainning folks, get yourself a job and a life. Stop dreaming folks, live the dream by living your life thanks a job.

  3. Michael H. Berkens says


    “”All these sales never took place”””

    Hope you don’t have to prove that in a court of law one day.

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