.CO Internet Recognized as “World Finance 100” Business Leader

According to a Press Release tonight, .CO Internet S.A.S. the company that operates the .Co Registry was “recognized in the World Finance 100 listing, alongside industry heavyweights 3M, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Google, Microsoft, and others. ”

“The World Finance 100 recognizes “the very finest businesses and business leaders over the past year,” focusing on companies and individuals who have outperformed the competition, made great strides in innovative techniques, and helped to redefine the business landscape.”

“Realizing the massive shift that is about to take place in the domain industry as ICANN begins to accept applications for new domain extensions next week, we couldn’t be more pleased to be recognized as a leader in our field,” said Juan Diego Calle, CEO of .CO Internet SAS. “Inclusion in this list of venerable industry heavyweights further validates our mission to help fellow entrepreneurs to build and grow great businesses online, and we have no doubt that the demand for short, credible .CO web addresses will continue to be in high demand, no matter where the industry heads.”

“Since its global launch in July 2010, over 1 million .CO domain names have been registered across more than 200 countries, including by fellow World Finance 100 honorees Google, Microsoft and Amazon, among others.  In addition to major brands, .CO has quickly established itself as the web address of choice for innovative businesses and individuals, including hundreds of thousands of startups and inspired entrepreneurs worldwide.”

“The World Finance 100 is selected by the editorial board at World Finance Magazine, in conjunction with reader recommendations. World Finance is a leading financial magazine, produced every two months by World News Media from its Headquarters in London. World Finance content is essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the machinations of finance in the twenty-first century, reporting on capital markets, risk management, trading, technology, corporate governance issues and regional markets worldwide.”


  1. Pete says

    “.CO has quickly established itself as the web address of choice for innovative businesses and individuals, including hundreds of thousands of startups and inspired entrepreneurs worldwide”

    lol yeah, show me the hundreds of thousands of startups and entrepreneurs using .co’s

  2. good says

    I doubt the people creating ISO country codes ever dreamed that they would become the source of wealth for a company called ICANN and their business partners.

    Do you think Jon Postel ever considered his geographical naming schemes would be converted into a “World Finance 100” business for the likes of a cctld registry? It was supposed to be about making stuff easier to find by creating logical geographical structure. Oh well.

    Is there a public approval process for cctld’s? A new country code means potentially a new tld. And somebody gets to make some coin. I guess we can thank Dr. Postel for that?


  3. Not the Real Bob Cline but wish I were says

    Exciting news.

    The list of the Web’s Top 100 Movers and Shakers was just released on my blog and our very own Robert Cline made the list. Alongside the venerable Cline others that received recognition are Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com, Larry Page of Google, Larry Ellison of Oracle, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Please join us in congratulating this group of individuals that are helping to define the Internet space while making great strides in transforming the way we communicate with each other.

    We are certain that this will be only the first of many more accolades to be bestowed on Mr. Robert Cline.

  4. harias says

    It is rather disturbing to see ISO country codes used as merchandise. This is not the only example. The “.tv”, the domain for the Tuvaly country island, is another pathetic case.

  5. says

    According to you if there is 1000 to 5000 or 10 000 new extensions per year.
    If the more than 75 % are reconginzing the dot com as the reference : it will become a rare product… What happens to a rare product ? The price increase, furthermore with a cctld dot co you will have no right contrarily to a dot com (who has a right if taken before any trademark…)

    CONCLUSION : THe name space is not unlimited… what is limited is people ; tomorrow someone find a biological process to make bio genetic food would that mean we could dangerously increase the number of people on planet earth and say it is unlimited ? would anyone dare to say energies are unlimited? you see it is the same thing if you have 15 billion people on earth we cannot say we will have enough water for 100 billion people it is the same thing

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