Flippa.com Publishes Its Year In Review: 26K Sales & $31 Million In Sales

Flippa.com published today its  2011 Year-In-Review report.

Here are the highlights from the report:

There were 26,213 website and domain sales on Flippa.com this year, totaling just over $31 million.

659 sales were over $5,000 and 205 sales over $20,000.

There were just under 290,000 bids placed on Flippa auctions in 2011.

High-end sales included MakeCashTakingSurveys.biz which sold for $395,000, PristinePlanet, a comparison shopping site for ecological products, sold for $165,000 & PitchingMachinesNow sold for $149,000

Flippa.com had 2,147,000 unique visitors over the year.

There were 72,937 new Flippa.com users this year.



  1. says

    The thing I’m trying to figure out is whether Flippa is a wrestling or a boxing, when it comes to their report and claims? Somebody shed some light, if you know. As you may know, many people don’t take wrestling seriously, as a sport, and most take boxing matches as a real fight. I can’t call Flippa, I just don’t know enough about it.

  2. says

    yes… seriously… i believe if you match a crappy hyphenated dot net with a four hundred dollar advertising budget you can make seven hundred thousand a year at a minimum. i only wish i had got into domaining before all the crappy hyphenated dot nets had been taken. SHEESH!

  3. says

    1. MakeCashTakingSurveys.biz is either the wrong domain or a bullshit sale. Do a whois check. Domain was hand regged in February 2011 and still owned by the same person. (.com was owned by Oversee now owned by person in China and parked)

    2. PristinePlanet.com was privacy protected in 2010 and is still privacy protected. A look back via archive.org shows that 2010 site is the same as 2011 site.

    3. PitchingMachinesNow.com did change owners, registrars and nameservers so that does look like a sale but $149,000? Really?

    Any chance that Flippa would want to release their sales to DNJournal, Mike and others who post sales each week? When they do that then I’ll believe these crazy sales.

  4. Michael H. Berkens says


    There are other blog aggregators out there including namebee.com and

    Obviously your comment has nothing to do with the topic posted here and the same repeated on another post so its seems like spam and therefore was deleted from both posts.

  5. says

    Rob–they are called “BullS”

    I don’t believe what posted on the websites anymore,full of exaggerated bogus Money scams-tricks.

    If the sales are posted at DNjournal are valid, then we should see more sales not posted but other “legit” transactions.

    Have a good “bogus” X-mas

  6. james shelley says

    My advice to all of you is not to waste your money, time and efforts on flippa.com

    Flippa.com is run by a bunch of cheats, scammers and utter liars.

    They are both under strict scrutiny in Australia for evading taxes and for a rising number of complaints against their businesses cheating people.

    Please take the time to type “flippa scam”, “flippa scams” and “flippa complaints” on the web to know how these 2 rogues have cheated thousands of innocent people by faking listings and manipulating bids themselves.

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