A Special Thanks To The Domainer Community & Some Special Friends

This is just a personal thank you from Judi and I.

In the last week since Bandit passed the response from the domain community has been nothing less than incredible.

I got a least as many personal emails,  as posts on the blog and even more on Facebook;  we got some flowers, cards in the mail, and a ton of calls.

Each one was greatly appreciated.

People we never met but read about Bandit somewhere or heard about him even reached out to us.

As they say,  Friends and foe, from close and far, some people we hadn’t seen or heard from in years, all got to us one way or the other.

Many shared poems, or verses or stories.

Dog lovers, pet lovers and lovers of life.

What an effect a ten pound ball of love had on so many.

There were some special people, people that without whose support we wouldn’t have made it through the week.

I will mention just a few.

Ray Neu and Kimberly  Howard.

Who could you ask to do the impossible and take care of your loved one and make sure they get to their final resting place safe secure and with love?

It was a duty I asked them to do because I couldn’t.

It wasn’t any easier on them, but they helped us in a way we can never repay.

Barbara and Howard Neu.

If you get really lucky in your life you will have as good a friend as they have been to Judi and I.

Many of the pics you see of Bandit, especially in the last few years, they were taken by Barbara; not only taken but arraigned, framed and perfected.

They are truly priceless.

Rick and Alina Schwartz.

Rick is a tough guy but he has a soft spot and he came up with a TRAFFIC award in Bandit’s honor within a couple of days of his passing.

Alina took it upon herself to get with John Feber and Jenna Wehner to set up a foundation for Bandit on microgiving.com on a totally gratis basis with 100% of all contributions going to the foundation.

Their support has meant the world to us. We can’t thank them enough.

Today we buried Bandit.

I was a gorgeous day, the service was wonderful and he is resting in a perfect spot wrapped in a Betty Boop blanket that Judi received as a gift.  He looked at peace and getting some rest after an exhausting life.

Now we are going to focus our energy on helping other animals who haven’t even had one day in their lives as good as Bandit had thousands.

The little one just want someone to love them and someone they can love.

This is what they were put on this earth for.

So with Microgiving.com we have set up the Bandit Share the Love Foundation.

The site is now live with a goal of raising $20,000.

Once we raise the $20K Judi and I will put in $10K more and then we will contribute the money to organizations which have a history or rescuing small dogs and cats and a history of finding homes for them.

We will personally vet all organizations before a penny is handed out.

If you can we ask you to give.

We also recognize that not everyone is a dog person or cat person and to those we say in this holiday season, help someone, children, the elderly, the homeless, Veterans; there are plenty of people that need help as well, so help.

Now we journey off to meet Judi’s son, my stepson who has been serving in Afghanistan for the last 6 months as he gets a two week break.

When it comes time for him to go back to finish out his service, its going to be tough once again, but we have a great couple of weeks to look forward to.





  1. says

    Glad to hear. The great thing about the domain community is that most stick together – it’s great to have that level of support. It’s very hard to deal with the loss of a pet. Bandit sounds brilliant. But memories and moments can never be lost! All the best to you both.

  2. says

    Thanks Mike!
    It was a beautiful service and a great spot.
    Judi and your words were very sweet.
    The healing now starts.
    Bandit is Famous and look forward to his website someday.

  3. domainer says

    Glad your holding up ok mike. Know its tough.

    I wanted to send something but all I saw was a po box number in north Carolina and assumed you were in Florida.

    A very nice post and good cause. I will do a small donation from there.

  4. Moniker Princess says

    It was a beautiful service! Bandit will be missed but never forgotten! He will forever live on in our hearts, memories & photo’s.

    Bandit was this cute little dog who gave so much love to everyone he touched. What do you expect? Look at his “parents” :)

    Much love to you and Judi during this difficult time! Enjoy your time away!

    Happy Holidays!!


  5. Barbara Neu says

    Dear Michael and Judi,

    The Pet Cemetary you chose was just perfect for your little Bandit ~ just as the choice you made when you picked him!! He had an amazing life and with you guys as Parents . . . . .
    what a perfect combination. Bandit will never be forgotten by ALL of us and there are so many photos of him on FaceBook that will live on forever. Yesterday’s burial was appropriate for such a special little dog. It was a gorgeous South Florida Day and he will be at peace among the other little yorkies. ( he looked precious with his Betty Boop Blanket wrapped around him.)

    R.I.P. Bandit

  6. says


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and Judy! Bandit couldn’t of ask for better owners than you 2. RIP, I the bonding of had with your dog, brings back memories of my dog growing up, nothing better!

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