Sold For $4.2 Million

According to the domain name was just purchased by General Cannabis Inc. which owns the popular site WeedMaps, for $4.2 Million dollars.

According to TechCrunch,  WeedMaps did over $1 million in gross revenues in July.

“”The acquisition includes both the valuable domain name and the existing site/content, which currently consists of a bulletin forum that centers on cannabis discussion and generates 3.5 million page views per month. “”

Also according to a press release today, “ was launched in 1995 and boasts a user base of over 300,000 registered users.”

So its certainly not a “pure” domain name sale but a pretty impressive sale none the less.




  1. Michael H. Berkens says


    The users of this site are in California, that is where the users are, the visitors come from, and the money is made.

    So I’m sure the sites owners could care less that the site is blocked in Dubai or anywhere else out of the US.

  2. says

    Anyway it’s not a domain sale, since the community built on the name was kept. On the contrary, for mid $xxx,xxx was a pure domain sale (at six figures, it was largely undersold IMO).

  3. says

    This makes plenty of sense. As a professional pothead the domain has plenty of value, especially in the growing medical marijuana industry. Over a dozen states have medical marijuana and Canada has a national program. Many other nations do too. I’m not surprised went for $4.2 million. The industry continues to expand given its greatest problems are prohibition. 4.20 is a special number on cannabis culture.

  4. domain guy says

    marijuana was an active site with lots of content way way more than a domain. And with the growing medical marijuana community nationwide this sale is a big deal. colorado recently stated that marijuana
    dispensaries now outnumber starbucks..which is a big deal.

    what was the figure a couple hundred thousand base with marijuana selling at $2-400 an ounce?One top dispensary in california grossed over 20 million a year.This is a budding industry….

  5. says

    Passing the peace pipe to you all.

    Very good for me as I own many quality marijuana domains

    marijuanaGuy dot com

    marijuanadomain dot com and many more!!

    States are approving the legalization of Marijuana as it brings in revenue and the war agst drug is a JOKE!!!

    Legalization of Marijuana-gay and online gambling.—all coming soon so is the opening of Cuba.

    Come on Obama-time to step up or step OUT

  6. LindaM says

    Great sale, I wonder how much both buyer and seller factored the value toward the domain name or the website. Hard to say as both are unique.

    MHB: “The users of this site are in California, that is where the users are, the visitors come from, and the money is made.” – yup. I own Pot.LA , I wonder if they would be interested to acquire this name too.

  7. says

    Very exciting! It’s good news that there is money to be made from online discussion forums related to the burgeoning marijuana business.

    My company has an old short dotcom– –which is also highly suitable for a similar online hub in this billion dollar industry. Our domain is for sale, and we’re leaving alot of money on the table 😉

  8. says

    A long and awkward name that’s beset with legal difficulties. Obviously, if it was trading as a biz and making money then it puts a different perspective on things, but in isolation i’d say the name is worth less than a 1/10th of that figure.

  9. says

    I wonder how much is worth now?

    Going to worth lots and lots as the world is watching WA/Co how they going to make money.

    I live in WA and getting ready on the license and also I own many good marijuana domains
    and more at
    Every day I get lots of inquiries to sell my domain…

  10. says

    Bulls , I have a few –

    This area is set to explode, trust me.


  11. says

    This area is set to explode, trust me.—-

    It is already is….

    So in internet online gambling. NJ is going to approve internet gambling and the Tribal Casinos are sweating right now.

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