CADNA Goes From Opposing New gTLD Program To Demanding A Time Frame For Opening The 2nd Round

The Collation Against Domain Abuse (CADNA) has appearently gone from being a vocal opponent of the new gTLD program to demanding a timeline for opening of the second round.

In a press release it sent out today,  Josh Bourne President of CADNA in his closing remarks at the “What’s at Stake: The Reality of ICANN’s New gTLD Program for Brands” conference at the Institute of International Education’s Edgar J. Kaufman Conference Center in New York City said:

“ICANN has an image problem,”

“Businesses are outright angry with ICANN because of the way that this program has been structured.

“We are not trying to derail the rollout of new gTLDs altogether, but rather, we are proposing an opportunity for ICANN to make this Program much less detrimental to brands and businesses. ”

“By setting a date for when it will open a second application window, ICANN has the chance to alleviate a great deal of the anxiety and frustration that businesses are feeling over the fact that they feel forced into applying for new gTLDs in early 2012 in order to not be left behind. Right now, businesses feel like their backs are against the wall, and they don’t like it.”

An interesting change in policy from CADNA previous position in urging more reviews and delay of the program. (also as recently as this year)

Of course the fact that back in 2009 CADNA was already asking for extended reviews and more time before the program started and the application period doesn’t start until 2012 its a pretty hard position to advocate that Brands need even more time and were some how caught by surprise by the new gTLD program without sufficient time to apply.



  1. says

    Yes, taking full advantage of the uncertainty and fear is the MO for all the parties involved in pushing the gTLD rollout.

    If ICANN wants to appear as not feeding this alarmist strategy, they should make a date definitive as to when the next round of applications can be submitted. To say that it is dependent on the resolution of issues that may arise in the first round is complete BS.

    All they have to do is set a date for the second round. The first round can still be processed concurrently with the acceptance of applications for the second round.

    ICANN in its adherence to this approach sure appears to be pushing everyone to blindly apply now. Cha-ching, cha-ching.

    This gTLD program will be such a dismal failure, ICANN must be aware that they really only have one shot at trying to foist this silly initiative upon the Internet community.

    The gTLD program should be suspended until ICANN can provide clarity on when another round of applications can be accepted. Why would the refuse to do this? Hmm, makes you wonder.

  2. lame says

    cadna. lol. in the log run they will look like fools, and not just to people who understand domains.

    they are try-hard corporate lapdogs who cannot run businesses for themselves. unlike the domainers they claim to be against.

    what happens when corporations want to have a go at domaining?

    cadna is worse than icann.

  3. John Berryhill says

    Lame or not, the “act before midnight tonight!” aspect of the gTLD program is off-putting, and I agree with CADNA about that.

    The error is in making motivational claims to the effect that it was an intended result.

    This process has been cobbled together over the course of years by factions with very divergent interests, and nobody walked away completely happy. But for those who’ve been in the thick of these interminable arguments for years, the idea that not everyone in the world was paying attention is something of an understandable nearsightedness. Thinking that the entire rest of the planet was going to make up its mind on the basis of something like four months of publicity is something I’d attribute to being more “optimistic” than “evil”.

    But I can certainly appreciate being somewhere in the management of Spacely Sprockets Corp. wondering “do I want .spacely? What would I do with it? Does my marketing department have any idea whether this is worthwhile?” That’s one set of questions. The artificial constraint imposed by the process as-approved is along the lines of “I better make up my mind now, because if my competitor does it, and I don’t, then I might have some unimaginable future disadvantage.”

    That set of artificial questions, based more on fear than reason, is more likely to inspire hostility against having been put in that predicament, than it is to result in making a considered decision whether or not to apply for a TLD. And it doesn’t help that the folks who imposed the situation are the same ones collecting the fees. That naturally leads to the conclusion that it was done on purpose

    The problem with CADNA is that if you are going to spend all of your effort on fighting the city’s decision to build a bridge, then coming in after the dust settles to complain about the color raises the question of why you weren’t constructively involved all along.

    But, anyway, there’s no reason why this couldn’t have simply been opened as a rolling process.

  4. lame says

    it’s possible that much of we conclude was done “on purpose” was actually not intentional.

    we don’t always all see the same things in each of these moves. intent is not an easy thing to predict with total accuracy for all actors.

    but it’s really easy to just assume everything is some sort of intentional evil deed or all out conspiracy.

    there’s that saying “never attribute malice to what can be adequately explained by incompetence.” change incompetence to “we just didn’t think of it that way”.

    that said, unlike icann, cadna is rather transparent. “domain name abuse” is a subjective concept and their definition is simply whatever suits them. watch them waffle. and parrot others who have a more balanced view.

  5. LindaM says

    Seems to me that there has to be a deadline for applications, so that everyone knows the deal. It wouldnt matter when they set it or how much notice everyone had, there would always be some whining people who didnt get out of bed in time. Theyve had long enough, get on with it already. If its to be a success then we need it sooner rather than later, and if its fail then best get it done with and out of the way.

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