Amazon Lands As A Shortener In China Which Reminds Us They Haven’t Launched Their .Co Domains

Amazon announced today its changing its brand name it uses in China from Joyo Amazon to Amazon China.

Amazon also announced that it has obtained the domain name, which is re-directing to Amazon’s Chinese official website at

According to the one story I found on the domain, there was no discussion of how Amazon obtained the domain or how much they paid for it.

The domain name Z.Cn is currently registered to “Wang Hanhua” so its not clear they even own the domain at this point

Speaking of shortener its now been over 5 months since Amazon announced it had acquired,, and from the .CO registry in May of this year.

None of those domains even resolve.

Not sure what’s going on with them but that a very long time for domains to be inactive especially when statements made around the acquisition indicated each single letter .Co is priced into the seven figures.


  1. Steve says

    Maybe they think China is a more stable extension(Country) than .Co-lumbia. Certainly has a larger market ready to buy.
    Still have to give credit to the sales team at .co for convincing buyers to purchase some of their names for big $$.
    Nice to see .cc picking up some sales lately with no in-house sales team. I always like the .cc extension. It is the fastest and easiest extension to type.

  2. Steve says

    Whenever I see a new country code being pushed it always makes me think of the .cc extension. Great extension, easy to type, easy to remember.
    So far .co success has been because of the big $$ being spent to promote it. imo

    @sixamazing – with billions of people on the net potentially saving a few milliseconds per user means days and/or years saved in wasted bits and bytes and electricity. :)

  3. says

    Good points.

    If .co was selected since it’s one letter shorter than .com. If you took the argument further and wanted to create the most efficient shortener for .com, then .CC would have to be it.

    It’s like you start to type .com but don’t need to go to the “o” let alone the “m,” you can just type the “c” again.

    Great insight folks.

    .CC it is.

  4. Steve says

    That`s the new slogan for the greenest extension.

    “Use .CC and save the Planet!”

    Glad I didn’t let them all drop. :)

  5. says

    I see the .CC movement is beginning to bloom on this thread.

    All it takes is a few evangelists to open the world’s eyes to the simple beauty of the double C.

    .CC is the new king, .COM can be our queen and .CO the court jester.

    Avoid the .COM/.COnfusion, go with the Double C.

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