OnlineCasino.Co Sells For $100K In Record Setting Sale

The domain name has just sold for $100,000 certainly setting a record for the highest reported Sale of a two word .Co.

At $100,000 this domain  becomes tied for the 4th largest ccTLD sale of the year according to

To date other than single character .Co domain names which have been sold directly through the registry, this appears to be the highest reported sale of a .Co domain again according to

Business.Co sold for $80,000 back in May and Finance.Co Sold for $45,000 in June.

Mike Mann announced he sold for $60,000

This domain was owned for several years prior to the relaunch of .Co and grandfathered from the previous

It is only 1 of 5 .Co domain names the Seller owned and for any doubters I have the statement in hand.

Congrats to the Seller and Buyer. may well break this record as that domain name will be auctioned off at the TRAFFIC conference in less than a couple of weeks.


  1. says

    I don’t own any .co names, but I certainly congratulate the seller.

    It certainly seems like this particular sale should (instantly) increase valuations of ‘casino/casinos’ dot-com names.

  2. says

    seriously… i’m getting over 2000 hits a day on
    two weeks ago it got 5 hits a day but somebody had a bright idea that’s going viral and he chose the name …oh well… his loss is my gain. i might pay reg fee for those .co names and i might even not do that.

  3. MHB says


    I’m not following you

    You have the .com.

    You didn’t protect it by registering the .Co allowing someone else to do it and he is now getting the traffic you could have gotten

    Seems like his gain is your loss not the other way around

  4. says

    We are the group that bought a few months back. Any guesses on what price we paid? Very curious to see results of the upcoming .co and .me auctions.

  5. Alan says

    Hmmm……………..I wonder who the “buyer” is and if it has been paid for.

    Funny how these big sales always come out just before a auction.

  6. Rich says

    Hi Mike, im driving to Hickory n.c. this weekend, (i mention that because u r not too far)this is great news,lately i have 2,3 inquires per day on .co

  7. says

    I think you have Todaro’s situation reversed. He bought a 3 word dotCom (that wasn’t worth much to begin with). Someone bought the same 3 word domain as a dotCo and branded it with a video that went viral. Todaro is receiving massive default traffic (proving once again that people kneejerk to dotCom when trying to remember a TLD) and he’s the one who made the mistake?


  8. MHB says


    “”Hi Mike.

    Are you saying that for all dot coms that we own we should buy the dot co as a defensive registration?””

    Absolutely not

    High traffic sites and valuable or important domains yet.

  9. fizz says

    Todaro actually gained by NOT buying the .co as a ‘defensive’ registration because if he had done that, the person who made the viral video would have used another domain name and todaro would not have benefited.

    I have always maintained that if you own a good generic .com domain, don’t waste money trying to buy up every other version in .net, ,org. .co or whatever new .tld comes out, as some maintain is a good strategy.

    Let the others buy those versions and develop them and you win twice: by the leakage of traffic to the .com and the potential of the other owners at some time in the future wanting to upgrade to the .com and make an offer. Buying them all would mean you miss out on these potential benefits.

  10. says

    Undoubtedly, the .com of a developed .co will always receive a percentage of the traffic, but that percentage will decrease as the site gains popularity. Anyway the mistyping works also the other way around: if you have a successfully developed .com, it will always leak traffic to the .co. In fact that’s what people who don’t like .co have been saying: “.co is only good for its typo traffic from the .com”.

  11. says

    RIP Steve Jobs

    I have been sick with this terrible news and am finally finding the strength to type again.

    I have been the most ardent supporter of


    and I have never waivered that .Co is better than .com

    We will definitely see

    LLL.Co go for $50,000 plus before the year is over.

    good quality 1 and 2 word domains will increase in value much faster than

    the stock market for sure.

    There needs to be a Steve Jobs day, just like we have a Martin L. King day.

    All hail to .Co and Steve Jobs.

  12. tdt says

    “I would believe this sale more if the registrant weren’t a Proxy registration and if an auction weren’t in the offing.”

    Yup, my thoughts exactly, private registration and whois that doesn’t change seems to be a constant trend with these reported .co “sales”

    My new policy is to no longer try to hammer home reality to gullible domainers, let them buy into whatever hype they want. Just let survival of the fittest run its course, they won’t be in domaining very long

  13. says

    many .com proponents are in a state of denial

    even when MHB clearly has stated

    “any doubters I have the statement in hand.” statement in hand, clearly showing being sold for


    The problem for these investors is that by the time

    they realize it, the ship will have already passed them by.

  14. Em says

    Nice. Very nice. Not surprising to see a Casino .co go for that price. The pricing of .co is unfolding at a nice moderate pace. That’s what is making it a Blue Chip extension. None of this .mobi balloon nonesense.

  15. Back in the real world says

    Cline said he was cut up about Jobs on the day. He isnt piggy backing anything, give the guy a break.

  16. says

    I always think .CO is always better than .net .org .tv .me .mobi etc.

    Won’t be surprise .CO can be better than .com as well…when many confusing gTLD coming out in world market…

    Well done to the .CO selller…good news for Robert Cline and many other .CO collectors…

  17. Mygod says


    In fact,the highest .CO sale record is,which sold and Escrowed by in Augest at was sold ¥720,000 CNY,it’s almost $115,000 USD.Most of the Chinese .CO domainers know this things.For some reason,the seller did not public the sale record.

    As you know, is the biggest B2C & C2C Online Market in the World, is one of the biggest Sites in China,belong to & Yahoo Group,the Alexa Rank is 16.

  18. says

    That’s a very nice sale, do you have more information about the seller/buyer and were it sold? was it a registry-hold domain sale, premium re-auction or a sale from a domain investor?

    I only have a few .co gambling domains and the main reason why i keep them is because they get decent traffic, i think this sale will bring more attention to the premium keywords in dot co and their asking prices will be up.

  19. P says

    Initially, was sold for 31,500 at .CO Landrush Auctions.
    I think “MYgod” is saying true as I had contact with previous owner of and he mentioned his sale at 110,000.

    if you want to check this sale let me know. I can give you email to that guy.

  20. MHB says


    Well I have actually heard of .co sales for more than $110K but they are well went unreported, so as I said this is the highest reported sale.

  21. BrianWick says

    Todaro experiences with a 3 word .com pretty much encapsulates why we “antiquated” .com’ers love non.coms.

    And how many fortunes have / will be lost chasing the next high ticket .co sale – sometime folks just need to be sold a bill of goods.

    And what is the deal with R.cOBERT .CoLINE and Steve Jobs ?

  22. says

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  23. fizz says

    >>>Undoubtedly, the .com of a developed .co will always receive a percentage of the traffic, but that percentage will decrease as the site gains popularity<<<

    If a .co site gains popularity the typo leakage to the .com should also increase. The other positive benefit of a popular .co website – if its popularity translates to increased profits for the owners – is that a good number will most probably apply some of that profit towards acquiring the .com. Time will tell.

  24. says

    Sex.Co fair price now is $1Mil plus in light of recent events and sales.

    Upgrade your domain by throwing away your .com (just chuck it) and going with


    this year.

  25. says

    Is it just me or does


    seem to be everywhere prominently placed banners

    on main pages.

    everywhere I go, forums, domains

    .Co seems to be everywhere.

    You have to understand .Co registry is a rich.

    and you can bet as more people register .Co domain names

    the registry is only going to get stronger.

    And I hope the registry will up the ante this year compared to even last year.

  26. says

    @Robert Cline

    I’ve never replied to any of your comments, because I think your trolling activity does more harm than good to the extension. Anyway, to a certain extent, I agree with your latest comment. I’ve been noticing discussions about .CO on totally unrelated blogs/forums (for example ) and a growing percentage of headlines (and not just from TheDomains and Elliot’s Blog). Among the new extensions, .CO is certainly a winner, but we don’t have to forget .com is THE KING.

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