Acquires As A Shortener

We have just acquired the domain name to use as a shortener for was hand registered back in 1999 and to date as Worldwide Media, Inc. MWD has sold eight figures in domain names.

You can follow now follow on Twitter and on Facebook

Please note that’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are different than which you can follow on Twitter  and Facebook as well.

If you have an email address for you can send the emails to the same address at and it will come on over to us (no I’m not posting all our email addresses here)

What did we pay for the domain?

Let’s just say probably less than you think. but just slightly less than the owner was asking.

and yes the seller knew who I was and what I wanted the domain for.

If your interested we publish each month the offers of $2,500 that we reject, as well as any offers we reject over $10K, as well as any sales which are not subject to an NDA  our corporate site for Worldwide Media, Inc. which we will continue to do

On the Twitter and Facebook page for we will post some links more realted to Tech in general and mobile in particular so it won’t be the same stuff you see on or on so follow us there as well.

As always thanks for the support.


  1. Michael says

    Congratulations. Just wondering: Will redirect to or the other way around? Which one will be the main name?

  2. MHB says


    We have branded most wanted domains over 11 years so we are going to forward to mostwanteddomains

  3. says

    Congratulations Mike, Just came across your blog post summary after writing and publishing a news release that included reference to our fondness for the multiple domain name strategy.

    Because people are and think different having as many domain names as possible increases traffic increases name and brand retention and equally as important protects competitors from entering into your space all the while adding asset value to your business.

    We have 1500 domain names related to and redirected to our core business unit. Multiple domain name ownership is a great low cost marketing and security strategy that more Internet business owners should use IMO.

  4. says

    Mike, glad you put the nice acquisition post regarding the MWD.

    Am also glad that I sold it, the price you gave was right for me, as I never was into money as long as somebody has greater purpose and make them happy.

    If I think of any other domains I can sell, am sure I will know who to call first :)

    Wish you guys great ownership of, and to be honest you make me work 3 hours less per day :)

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