Sold For $150,000

Another blog post by Michael Jackness,  the second this week sheds light on another recent six figure domain name purchase.

Today Michael Announced on this blog, that his company Terran Marketing has just purchased another killer domain for $150,000.

Michael write his thoughts behind the purchase:

“”When I saw 201,000 exact match searches I thought for sure I forgot to check the “exact” box and that it was still on broad – uh no. This term actually gets 2,740,000 broad match searches. It was one of those holy &#(@ moments where Jim and I just looked at each other and laughed. The math got even more staggering when we saw that the CPCs for this term are flirting with $10.00. In addition to the great search volume and high CPCs, this already semi-developed site currently ranks in the middle of the 2nd page for this term. That is with zero SEO, only 6 pages on the site, and very few links. We speculate that with very little work this site will rank on the first page within a couple of months. This means a quicker than normal ROI, which is always nice.”

Earlier this week we told you about his acquisition of for $120K.

Basically Michael has taken the $415K he sold for and then acquired this domain for $150K  and for $120K and he still has left over most of what he spent to buy for which was $190K.


Congrats again



  1. says

    Terran Marketing really knows the value of good names. I am a bit surprised how they develop those site but each have their own approach for doing thing

    Congratulation buyer and seller as they both got a great deal

  2. Guy says

    great find Mike

    i think Graphic Design is a 7 figure domain personally, minimum high six figures. very astute buy
    not so sure about online degrees. not mad on it for the money he paid

  3. says

    Terran Marketing contacted me regarding purchasing

    He definitely goes after keyword domains with huge CPC and/or search.

  4. Gordon says

    isn’t this the exact domain one of the castello’s used in an example in the podcast they were on last week??

  5. em says

    I agree with Guy. Definitely a 7 figure domain. HUGE category with millions of professionals. What a deal, really.

  6. says

    @BullS – “”Better use of the money- just to donate to save the starving people in Somalia””

    And the ‘last time and how much’ you gave to them was….??

  7. says

    @Kevin– I bring awareness the BSness of this BS domain industry.

    Perspective in life.

    More games so the KIDS will be fatter and fatter.

  8. BrianWick says

    “I bring awareness the BSness of this BS domain industry.”

    You are confusing Hype with BS – Hype being a fundamental of a free market economy – people want to feel smart and have choices resulting many times in being sold a bill of goods – whether it be a car they really do not need or a worthless domain they really do not need – that is Hype – Not BS.

  9. says

    @BrianWick aka the skirt hider

    My mission in life is to inform the whole world that you do not need to buy ANYTHING that is on the internet. Live life as simple as possible-buy what you need.

    The internet was created for communication purposes.

    The best websites are BuyNothing dot com and “BullS’ because it reinforces everyone that you do not need to spend money when one is on the internet.

    GraphicDesign, amazon sites mean nothing to the people in Somalia- the power of buying nothing (‘BullS”) and put the money in good use.

  10. BrianWick says

    “Bottom line–Don’t believe what you read on the internet”

    Especially – what I read from you !!!

    The real “Bottom line” for you is – you do not believe in a free market enconomy and rely on the functionally illeiterate world , i.e. Somolia, etc. in your own skirt hider way – to support that belief.

    You are just one frustrated dude. – But so what.

  11. says

    @BrianWick “You are just one frustrated dude”

    Have you seen the pictures at “BullS”?

    The largest halibut 500lb I caught …
    The largest indoor jade plant in the world that I grow…growingjadeplant dot com

    and of course the website of the year “BullS”
    and I am working on a couple more meaningful projects what will solve hunger in the world..

    What do you have against me? can’t you handle the truth?

    Again like any or all websites, they are selling you something that you don’t need and always propagandizing your mind.

    BTW, BrianWick -who the hell are you? I am challenging you to expose yourself, other than that, you have no rights to express your theatrical philosophical ideas.

    You know how to contact me….

  12. BrianWick says

    “BTW, BrianWick -who the hell are you?”

    I am a some guy that plays by the rules – just like the buyer and seller of

    Do you accept money from domain buyers and sellers to futher your causes ? Presumably not – because that would make you a hypocrit – which in turn simply makes you a BullS(hitter). Just my opinion from this skirt hider.

  13. says

    @BrianWick -please keep your sexual, financial ego prowess in the can of tuna-we don’t need them around here as there are already too much hot air in the domain industry.

    Once again, BrianWick -who the hell are you?”

  14. BrianWick says

    You are clearly envious of a great sale of and a great buy of at a $150K strike – and rationalize your existance on TheDomains by looking at yourself in the mirror and apparantly pointing your finger at everyone else but yourself – sounds like your are struggling with the “hot air” you create.

    So instead of calling out folks that should be on this thread – you might be better off calling out yourself – who IMO has no business being on this thread and venting in a different forum to folks that might latch onto your rhetoric.

  15. says

    Yo..BW or whoever you are…

    There are only 3 things a man need:Food, Shelter and Sex(procreate) and the rest are “un- necessaries” =constipation of life.

    The internet has created civilization and now it will destroy it.

    Yes, I am very envious of the domain name GraphicKissign

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