Sold For $120,000

According to a blog post by Michael Jackness, his company Terran Marketingjust closed on the purchase of the domain name for $120,000.

The domain was brokered by and should according to Mr. Jackness be hitting Sedo’s wire sales wire this week and will become a top 25 domain sale for 2011 on DN Journal’s Year to date chart once reported.

According to Mr. Jackness:

“”The numbers in this sector are quite impressive especially when you consider the CPCs are in the $30.00 rage. These are some of the highest CPCs I’ve ever seen, and certainly the highest CPCs for anything in our portfolio now. To compare, Website Hosting has a CPC in the $12.00 range, so this is almost a full 3x more than that.

In regards to search volume, “online degree” gets a meager 14,800 exact global searches each month, but is accompanied by 1,220,000 broad searches. So, there are an insane amount of long-tail searches to capture out there. Things like “Online Degree Programs” and “University Online Degree” should be fairly easy to rank for.””

If Mr. Jackness’ name sounds familar its because we wrote about his flip of the domain name which he paid $190K for in January of this year for $415K at the end of May.

We wish him the best of luck with his new acquisition and congratulate the Seller as well


  1. says

    You know what I love about this guy is that I think he’s relatively new in the industry and understands development. Most domainers stil don’t get it even after being around for years.

    This is a $300,000 name before development if you understand how lucrative the edu space is.

    Kudos .. may the new kids steal the riches away from people who have long had enough time to learn.

  2. says


    I know he cited development for buying and wound up just flipping it for a nice quick profit. I expect the same with this one.

    You don’t need to understand the value of development to appreciate the two monster names he bought. I can see selling for $1M within a couple of years developed or not.

  3. says


    maybe I worded it wrong. You are right, domainers can appreciate development all day and night long but here’s a relatively new person who quickly grasped what a good domain is and learned how to develop. Learning how is where most domainers are and always be stuck on.

    The value of the story is not what name he bought but how he has a plan and executes it instead of hanging onto a dream and never learning more.

  4. MHB says


    “‘I started in this space in the late 90′s by development. Have no desire to tell my story on a blog.””

    But if you did of course it would be this one


  5. says

    This was way under priced. I think if this had gone to auction (TRAFFIC) the price would have been higher. I honestly am shocked that this went for $120k. I think this is a flip easily @ $500k to a couple of different companies. Kudos to the new owner.

  6. says

    Looks like names should be very pricy in the right growing sector and with products. Green energy and Electric Vehicles being one of them. What do you think the prospect for is?

  7. says

    I had a similar .me that got $300 at auction. The value of a .com has so much more value. I just lost out on a bid war for which I wish I got. Sorry it didn’t workout for you…

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