Game Changer? Here Comes Google Voice Search For Desktops (Laptops Too)

The is reporting on the Google search event which was held today in which the big news is that  Google is about to roll out Google Voice Search, like you find on mobile devices, on desktops and laptops.

“”Google also revealed a new feature in web search today—voice search for desktop. It’s unclear when this will launch, but basically the feature performs similarly to voice search on mobile. You click an audio microphone button in the search box, and speak your search into the computer.”

According to, “marketers should begin thinking about landing pages for voice search, especially as Google rolls out its desktop function. ”

“Depending on the company, these might be better off as separate landing pages, at least based on recent research from Chitika that found that people who search with their voice are nearly three times more likely to be looking for local results – a significant figure considering that 20% of search queries are local.”

“With this in mind, website owners might want to consider developing specialized landing pages for the different types of Google traffic, it said. “For example, a consumer goods manufacturer with an e-commerce site may see better overall results if they show voice search traffic a special landing page with places to purchase products locally, rather than simply showing their e-commerce site.”

So what do you think, will voice search fundamentally change search?

Will people type in URL’s as often if they can simply do a voice search and of course the bigger question is how long before will it be until we are all able to navigate the internet by speaking the URL we want to go to rather than typing it?

If so what does that mean to typo traffic when there is no more typo’s?

It is possible if voice navigation (.com is taken) replaces typing, there would be a shift in the domain world, at least that part of it that relies on typo’s.

Those words which could be  phonetically confusing by voice commands might be come the new typo.

Yes Voiceo domains maybe new rage.



  1. says

    Lets see how it works first, can’t imagine it will be smooth for all types of voices and accents. I bet most people enjoy being online as a quiet experience, who wants to be talking at their computer all the time? Unless you’re facetiming or doing skype, but to do voice searches? It will probably have the same effect as apps, there will be times or places where the technology will come in handy, but it won’t completely replace using the keyboard.

  2. says

    This is for search and not navigation, so I don’t see ‘voice typos’ occuring.

    I wonder if they will combine this with instant search so if you search for “brand new red car” after you say each word a new set of results will appear.

  3. says

    We all remember Star-Trek were Capt. Kirk or Jordee “talks” to the computers saying, “computer do this or Computer do that”. And we also see them typing so what we have here is a powerful combination. Futuristic things are fast becoming realities.

  4. Jp says

    This is a novelty, it will not be adopted as a standard of use. Raise your hand if you prefer to use voice dialing on your iPhone rather than doing it by hand. Not many hands. Perhaps because whenever I say to my iPhone “call mom” my iPhone responds by saying “playing snoop dog”. I’m trying to drive my car and call someone, not have a verbal argument with my phone.

  5. says

    This will fail. Same reason why most prefer skype chat over actual voice calls, same with texting on your phone etc. As JP said, it may get some novelty attention but that’s it.

  6. Jp says

    Furthermore in many states it has been made illegal to dial phone numbers by hand, requiring you to use voice dial and your hands free. I know California is one of them. That’s why the phone has the feature in the first place. But what percentage of people make 100% of their calls while driving with voice dial? Ok let’s take it down a notch, what percentage of people make 50% of their calls while driving with some sort of voice dial? How about 10%?

  7. says

    Some of my clients have most of their traffic now from mobile, so voice has been big for them for a while (example tow truck drivers).

    Others target ONLY mobile users, since the quality of the surfer is way better than laptop users. Example businesses that only deal with business owners, a very high percentage of business owners never touch a laptop now to search, they’re too busy being doctors and lawyers, etc.

    In the ‘real world’ where people target very specific users, mobile and voice have been the only game for some time.

    Another client of mine throws out every lead he gets that isn’t from mobile. And on mobile, VOICE is a major search pattern.

    Dumbmainers still in their mothers basement in their pj’s are only waking up to the fact TYPE INS are irrelevant today.

  8. patrick says

    Been waiting for voice search for years,will generics be good for this type of search hard to say still it all comes down to what the search engines give you in response to your query the reason i only own generics is i thought what would people say to there computer will they ask simple commands like ecotours mexico or will it be long tail questions like find me an eco resort in cancun we will just have to wait and see .

  9. says

    Google Voice Search is live now, there’s a mic close to the search bar, you just click there, say your search keyword and it’s automatically searched.

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