Breaking: Amazon Buys,, and Cloud.Co,  has just broke the story that has just acquired the domain names A.Co, Z.Co, K.Co and

According to TechCrunch, Amazon purchased these domains from the .Co Registry for an undisclosed price.

“.Co is about to hit its 1 millionth domain registered in little under a year of service (.com is at over a hundred million) and is about to set up a stable pricing plan for one letter and two letter domains.”

.Co representative Lori Anne Wardi was quoted by TechCrunch as saying:

“With every allocation of a single letter domain name the pool of these gets less and less, with every sale we do the resource becomes smaller. We have a very long list of people who want one letter and two letter domains and price will be set high enough that each person who buys one of these will use it.”

As we all know Overstock bought for $350,000 and has rebranded its non-US operations as

We also know that the .Co registry allocated Twitter; T.Co for use as a shortener and

This is another huge move for the registry and it will be especially interesting to see what Amazon’s plans for Cloud.Co is especially after Apple Spent $4.5 Million for is a  natural for Amazon will no doubt be used in conjunction with Amazon’s Kindle Product.

In 2009 Amazon bought Zappos and is mostly likely for use with that product, but those are all unconfirmed.

Congrats to Juan, Lori and the whole .Co Registry team.


  1. MHB says


    You’re right and its something I have been chatting about for a while.

    A lot of domainers seem to think that domaining is a zero sum game where if one extension wins another one loses.

    But in actuality it just means more choice and therefore more money in the domain space.

    A few years ago .Me didn’t exist, then it came along millions got spent in the channel, did .com prices go down, no.

    Yet .Me domains have sold in the five and six figures and startups have embraced them.

    Now there are .Co again it doesn’t take away from .Com but its another alternative and an expansion of the space, more money coming into the domain channel.

    If .Co didn’t exist would have Amazon spent the money buying other .com’s?


    They spent money money buying .Co because they were available.

    So this is how I look at the new extensions and expansion of money spent in the domain space which we all should be happy about.

  2. says


    “If .Co didn’t exist would have Amazon spent the money buying other .com’s? No. They spent money money buying .Co because they were available.”

    I couldn’t agree more. So many people that have invested in .com seem to be too worried about how their digital properties might decrease in value because of .CO. They haven’t understood yet that .com has nothing to do with .CO.

  3. says

    “I couldn’t agree more. So many people that have invested in .com seem to be too worried about how their digital properties might decrease in value because of .CO. They haven’t understood yet that .com has nothing to do with .CO.”

    Now I understand why .com “collectors” always against .CO “collectors” when there is good .CO news and headlines.

    Personally, I do like both .com and .CO, my great collections…It’s like perfect couple, husband and wife loving each other…

  4. says

    @Joe and @Rayy

    Embrace .Co

    This is the winning strategy. The correct strategy.

    The sooner .com people understand the new order of things the better and less traumatic for them.

    It’s like having another apartment building built next to your apartment. You don’t like it but must live with the reality that a newer better building now exists and worth putting money in so you buy ownership in the new building and work to advance the new building. This is just like .Co

    It is the new King Lion on the block. Everyone else are hyenas.

  5. says

    Seriously Robert Cline
    Your continual rantings about .CO are really starting to put me off and I am on your side (in a realistic way).

    I truly believe that .CO has a legitimate chance at becoming something great when it catches on. For that to to take place a few other things MUST happen and that includes a HUGE company putting large amounts of advertising dollars behind a .CO domain name. It has not happened yet.

    *BUT* you constantly going on about the KING DOMAIN EXTENSION is exhausting. I am starting to dismiss your posts and I know that if I have gotten to that point, chances are many others are there as well.
    You are doing NO JUSTICE and being of NO HELP to the .CO extension with your posts.
    If you really want to help out the extension, be more realistic about where .CO stands right now (not to be confused with FUTURE POTENTIAL). Make relevant posts about .CO sales. For Gods sake, build a fully functional site on a .CO domain, something that you can post and share.

    .CO has potential to become to huge part of the domaining industry but it is still fairly new and has a long way to go, many more sales to make, and a ton more advertising dollars need to be put behind it.

    Just the way I see it.

  6. says

    Well done Robert, you got your .CO site.

    I don’t sell my domain to domainer, I sell to end users. Because you get more money to end users than domainers.

    Domainers want half price… so my clients are all end users…

  7. says

    @Robert Cline
    Well done and good choice of topics. It may be time to start spreading your new site to get the world out.
    Step 1 of building is functional site is complete now you need to drive traffic to the site (preferably organic traffic).

    Just a suggestion, maybe place something on there that will draw people outside of the domaining industry. There is life outside of domainers and it is those people who are the real driving factor for prices.

    Still well done.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  8. says

    Thank you all! sold $5,000 sold $5,000

    these are all proof positive that

    LLL.CO going price is appropriately $5,000 – $20,000 to end users.

  9. MHB says

    That is not a rumor

    The author of this story just did simple math taking the $350K Overstock paid and multiplying it by 4 plus adding a $100K

    “””. CO Internet SAS, the domain administrator, did not disclose the value of negotiation, taking into account other important e-commerce firm, Overstock, CO O. purchased $ 350,000 in July 2010 when the domain yet was not recognized and valued, not too much to calculate the Amazon investment exceeding $ 1.5 million additionally for domain names with one letter at a time are most desired by the big brands. “””

    Translation courtesy of Google

    My guess would be less, taking into account you generally get a discount when you buy more.

    I would guess and its only a guess, as my requests for a price were turned down as well, is a cool million

  10. says

    Recent sales $358,000 $85,000 $70,000

    all point to the fact that
    short LL or LLL type of domains
    are not only in short supply but increasingly
    in high demand.
    The fact that they are in short supply plus
    the fact that increasingly mobile tweeting world
    short domains are a super premium, it is no wonder.

  11. says

    Hey everyone,

    There is no doubt this is going to a hit! The .COM will be surely affected by this interms of the traffic as typos (missing M) will not be redirect anymore! You know what that means? Less hits – less sales!!!

    In my opinion, if you’re big online brand and missing .CO – your in big trouble!!! With the .COM boom in the 90s and financial bubble burst in 20xx, I’m sure we’ll see lots of company moving onto pastures new.

  12. says

    anyone seen this site or have used it for valuations?

    Just seeing what you guys thought.

    **it has at 1.59Million (value)**

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