FriendFinder Networks, Owner’s Of, Plans To Go Public On May 11

According to, FriendFinder Networks Inc.,plans to go public on May 11 on the Nasdaq under the symbol FFN

FriendFinder in addition to being the publisher of Penthouse magazine, owns many websites including, and

Facebook filed suit last week against FriendFinder Networks, Inc., and one of its subsidiaries over another site ,

According to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the company will seek to raise as much as $60 million in the IPO by  attempting to sell 5 million shares at $10 to $12 each.

FriendFinder’s revenue for the year ended Dec. 31 was $346 million, while the net loss was $43.2 million.

Stock of public adult company’s haven’t done all that well over the years we will see how this one does.



  1. 702domainer says

    I’d wait until the Facebook lawsuit drops before buying the stock.

    Facebook won’t win, IMO, but attorney fees will do them in and make the price drop for however long the suit drags on.

    Part of their strategy should be to implement a public advertising strategy to gain awareness (Ashley Madison excelled at this), and allow for some sort of anonymous membership purchase (I.e. To allow buying a membership voucher with a money order, so as to avoid the credit card charge appearing and the embarassment of buying it in a physical store).

    With that in mind, they are only at about 25% of their potential as far as I am concerned. They could have much more membership with a few changes in management.

  2. says

    This is going to be easy money…just short the stock to the ground.

    My adultfriendfinder affiliate income started to drop since late 2008.

    There are too many free sites such as craigslist, backpage, etc…

    This stock is going to ZERO!

    Easy Money!!!

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