Amazon Top Paid Search Advertiser In the US Spending $51 Million In Just The 4Q 2010

According to a report released today by Kantar Media, on the top paid search advertisers in the U.S., for the 4th quarter 2010, is the top advertisers spending some $51 Million dollars in PPC ads in just that quarter.

Here is the top ten list:

Top 10 Advertisers Ranked By Search Advertising Spend1: Oct-Dec 2010

Rank on $ Advertiser Search Total
1 Amazon $51 million
2 AT&T $27 million
3 Capital One $26 million
4 Target Department Store $25 million
5 Expedia $23 million
6 Ebay $22 million
7 Progressive $19 million
8 Sprint $17 million
9 Geico $16,5 million
10 State Farm $16,2 million


  1. domains says

    they spend all that money and still dont get it.

    10k, 20k direct navigation on generic names a month.

    clueless.. domainers will be laughing to the bank and when these companies realize howstupid they are. there webmasters, web designers, “seo experts” marketing teams, etc= job security for them.

    then the development still comes up. rely on the big google if you want or whats cool. bottom line generic .com domains will continue to rise in value and especially with direct traffic. let the .co be developed-more traffic to our own names.

  2. says

    Yes they are horribly stupid. HAHAHA

    It stumps the mind.

    But BUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember Bush and Greenspan and Barney Frank, Pelosi, and you will find bigger idiots.

    These moron companies, it truly is unreal how they just don’t get it.

  3. says

    Nice to see numbers 7,9 and 10 spending on insurance.

    These companies have pushed the little guy out on ppc for the local market. Hard to compete anymore. Those numbers are going to double in the next few years making insurance names even more valuable in our opinion.

    Any domain names in the health exchange area will also be the next boom in 5 years.

    Keep up the spending guys.

  4. LS Morgan says

    they spend all that money and still dont get it.

    10k, 20k direct navigation on generic names a month.

    clueless.. domainers will be laughing to the bank and when these companies realize howstupid they are.

    Just what is it that these multi-billion dollar industries “don’t get” that domainers do get? Do you even understand 1% of what they’re actually doing when they spend 50mm on paid search?

  5. domains says

    .com with direct navigation will only increase in value

    Corporate America would rather spend useless money on seo experts with direct navigation = priceless

    One day corporate America will wake up with domains.

    If you don’t get domains with direct navigation maybe you should learn domaining first. Imo.

    There throwing money down the toliet to google and the hundreds of people who are working on websites, marketing , seo, etc

  6. LS Morgan says

    @ “Domains”, you’ve repeated the standard talking points, talked the domainers book, chanted the expected dogmas, but haven’t articulated why any of that is accurate.

  7. domains says

    Ok Ls

    Sorry you can’t understand. I see it as black and white

    Your a developer. Great. You rely on google and search. Domainers love direct navigation.

  8. says


    Amazon 51 million in a 3 month period…. wow

    Lets take a “hypothetical” look at this for a “PPC” campaign just on Google.

    Since both the companies I am going to refer to seem to be sharing the two top ad spots (Amazon seems to be featured much more) than the ‘other’ company I will refer to as: “barnesandnoble”

    Lets say hypothetically that “Amazon” has a monthly budget for this ad at 100K a month for the search term “Books”. I would guesstimate it would be much higher…but I guess it could be less…


    According to ‘G” Keyword search ‘books’ gets: 30,400,000 searches a month… so I would imagine the budget for this keyword is much higher than the 100K a month I am using here. ( imho )

    But 100k a month, that would be 1.2 million a year, year after year.

    Now, what jumps out first, is that they already hold the #1 “organic” result, which is costing them nothing.

    So, They could just buy the domain ‘’ from ‘barnesandnoble’ and create a “Amazon books of the day sales page” or something like it, having it links back to their main website…and it would rank #1 forever in the “organic” results of every major “SE”.

    Because that is what the geniuses over at ‘barnesandnoble’ that own:

    Books .com
    Book .com

    Should be doing. this, but they are just using books. com (both) as a ‘redirect(s)’ to their main homepage…. (books .com) gets 110K search a month.


    Now, let me see, ranked #1 in the ‘organic’ search results at Google…getting over 30 million direct searches a month


    Having the domain, not indexed at all on the first page of Google for the search term “books” …and getting what ever traffic that comes from the 110k searches… plus, whatever it does on just “type ins” alone… which I am sure is no small amount…

    But, not even a fraction of the traffic it would get by just creating a “special site” for the domain, and getting ranked on top in Google’s ‘organic results.

    So, If I was Amazon…I would just buy the domain ‘’ and save the PPC expenses…it would pay for itself in less than 5 years if they bought it for 5-8 million. (quite sure ‘B&N” could use the cash.) Their stock has dropped from $25 a share to under $9 in the past year.


    Or if I was “BN”,

    I would get my $#$$ together….

    As a ‘simple 10 page website’, could put “” In the #1 0r #2 spot…before this weekend, causing the traffic they are currently getting from the domain…to go from just the low hundred thousands (if that)… easily into the 7 figures in traffic for ‘unique visitors’.

    How much effect would that have their business?


    “BN” should be paying me 6 figures for this simple advice, that almost everyone here understands & could just as easily give them… (if you do, I want my 5%) :)

    This is so ‘mind boggling’ to me…

    I guess after 5+ years of ‘domain conferences’ , no one has figured out that these are the kind of people that need to be ‘invited’ to attend domain name conferences…. with people from companies like: P&G and J&J that are running their domain portfolios correctly… giving presentations on how to use “Generic Keyword Assets” properly.

    Thing is, there are thousands of companies and ad agency’s out there doing the same thing or worst, with their domain portfolios.

    And thousands more, that need to know how to buy, use and benefit correctly, from ‘generic domain assets.

    But, then I guess that would not be in the best interest of any ‘domain parking’ company…sponsoring a domain conference.

    Oh…and heaven forbid a “party” or two would have to fall by wayside…maybe even a domain auction…. how “unthinkable”.

    All in order to show the world the power of ‘generic domain names’…and creating a much much larger domain ‘end user’ market…yea, that would be a bad thing.

    I sure hope this post makes some sense to someone other than me.

    Peace To All!

    BTW: this is just ‘shy’ of a ‘rant’….I gave those up back in 2007 😉

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