How do You Use Premium Domain Names To Help Maximize new gTLD Registry Profits? Here Is Your Invite To The Webinars

Recently in a CircleID blog, Alexa Raad, CEO of Architelos pointed out that applying for a new Top-Level Domain (TLD) is an expensive and lengthy process, costing an estimated $500K for application and various legal and professional services and that is assuming there is no other applications for the same string, nor any objection to the string being filed.

Ms. Raad pointed out that one of the biggest profit centers for any new gTLD will be the proper placement and sale of its premium domains.

Alexa writes:

“If the TLD presents a viable opportunity for capitalizing on premium names, then the key consideration is the size and value of the premium name inventory, and the right timing for releasing various batches into the market.”

” This can be used to stimulate awareness and generate additional cash for investment back into the registry to support other costs such as security, product development or simply additional marketing funds.”

Consider strings such as .Law, .Health, .Green, .Shop, .Site, which are effectively generic keywords as TLD strings,  the inventory of premium names for each would be different and requires a credible analysis of not only size and valuation, but also the choice(s) of appropriate channel(s) and timing for release.

The PR and marketing strategy behind each would also be different depending on whether the string was a brand or a generic.

Bottom line The premium domain sales strategy and success can make up much of the initial profit the registry can make initially and continue for years after.

So it is a worthwhile investment to develop a credible and thorough business case that evaluates among the items mentioned in her blog?

Is there a premium names opportunity and if so, what is the size?

Should there be more than one phase of Land Rush and Sunrise?

If so at what prices?

The higher the landrush price the less applications there will be meaning possibly less revenue on average for the land rush auction domains.

A lower land rush fee will probably result in more auctions but will the total revenue be higher overall taking into account auciton premiums and land rush application fees?

Finally can you recoup your costs for sunrise verification by correctly pricing your application fees?

This is in part why Monte Cahn and myself launched is partnering with Architelos to jointly conduct a series of free webinars titled  “Everything you ever wanted to know about a TLD business case, but did not know to ask.”

This joint Webinar will not only cover the basics of a TLD business using the Business Case Builder tool Architelos has developed, but we will also delve deeper into the issues around premium names and Sunrise/Landrush decisions.

If you would like to be invited to this webinar series simply contact us at



  1. lvalue says

    there is nothing right of the dot.
    the dot is the root.

    but sometimes people omit dots. it happens. strange but true.

  2. says

    “Is there a list of the current TLDs already applied for?”

    You may want to file a FOIA Request with the U.S. Department of Commerce
    and also search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

    People also send interesting items to the Library of Congress which they preserve

    There are all sorts of links on-line. In the 1999 time-frame, Esther Dyson founder
    & first Chairman of ICANN claimed there was data to guage interest in individual
    Top Level Domains. Her choices of .COOP .AERO .MUSEUM stunned people.

  3. says

    “Is there a list of the current TLDs already applied for?”

    Also, there are about 40+ Applications from 2000 that some claim are On.Hold – The Application Fees were apparently never refunded – The money was used to help other companies get into the business. Some had very little experience.

    As the dust settles on the new IANA future at NTIA, some think they will be able
    to recover all of their Lost Revenue back to 2000 or 1995. The U.S. Government
    may feel it is cheaper to pay Applicants who have been waiting in line.

    That lost revenue is reflected in gains to other incumbent Registries. They may
    also be a source for settlement funds. Having private sector actors speaking
    for the U.S. Government does not work. That is especially the case when the
    private sector actors just make up their claims to “authority” from Uncle Sam.

  4. MHB says


    ICANN said they will approve the new gTLD process on June 20th at the Singapore meeting.

    Shortly thereafter they will announce a time that applications will be accepted.

    There are various companies and cities that have announced there intention such as .nyc, .paris, .berlin. gay, .green, .music just to name a few.

  5. J says

    How important will having the generic .com (using the above example — in securing the corresponding TLD (.shop)?

  6. MHB says


    Not at all

    Generic’s to the right of the dot will be auctioned off to the highest bidder if there is more than one applicant.

  7. J says

    And if I own and associated trademarks in the principal registry, could that be grounds to appose my competitor trying to secure .shop?

  8. says

    “How do You Use Premium Domain Names To Help Maximize new gTLD Registry Profits?”

    Companies with “Premium Domain Names” now have serious clue.

    If people try to build a gTLD Registry on revenue from “suckers” they will not likely be in that group.

    Last century, about 50 companies would drop $500 on any TLD that moved.
    There were brokers (mostly from London) who ran around making the “deals”.
    They have not been seen in years.

  9. says

    “And if I own and associated trademarks…”

    SHOP.NAME may be good also…

    and if you followed the recent U.S. FCC Cooperative Agreement – They selected NINE companies for the Joint.Adventure

    NINE may be what the U.S. Government now sees as stable and diverse

    At one time, THREE was OK

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