Raises Another $10 Million In VC Funding Proving Why The Value Of A Bang On Domain Cannot be Underestimated

According to,, a Dan Francisco-based provider of online booking for luxury automobile travel, has raised $10 million in financing from Austin Ventures as the company is set to release a limo-management service.

Austin Ventures partners Mike Dodd and John Thornton will join’s board of directors as part of the deal. previously raised $5 million in funding from Canal Partners.

The San Francisco-based company offers an online marketplace for limo services.

It said it will soon launch mobile applications for the iPhone and Android operating system that will allow travelers to search and book car services “on the go” in all of its markets worldwide.

Do you think $15 Million would have been invested in a similar service named


The power of a great domain.

Amazing how many  people still don’t get it.

You can read more about on as well


  1. says

    Tier 1 Domains are always the way to go. What’s even more ironic is how mainstream media (financial analysts) harp on what they feel is irresponsible spending on generic domains. What they don’t point out is that it is easier to brand a company behind a generic.

    That generic domain has a quantifiable value that grows with every marketing dollar they spend on TV, print, radio etc. It’s making the money that they would have spent anyways even more efficient at working for them.

    Should the business fail, that domain (and site) is the only thing that will remain that has a value that won’t be discounted by 500%. When a company shuts down and the liquidation process starts they’re selling everything from computers to office furniture at a fraction of the value (let alone what was spent originally)

    There are too many of us who understand the value of a generic Tier 1 domain. So no, if Color goes belly up and and end up in auction I predict that they would go for $1M+ because of all of the added value (links, traffic, PR) that would be there besides the intrinsic value of the domains.

    Financial analysts need to open their eyes to what is a real way to ensure fiduciary responsibility. Buying a generic domain is one of the most responsible things a start-up company can do.

  2. Gordon says

    Which is longer – the list of normal domains with funding, or generic domains with funding? How many true category killer domains have killed the category? I’d argue not too many.

    In the longrun, the business and execution is far more important. The domain can be a great asset, especially when the company is on the small side.

    I love generics as much as the next guy, but the comment about is silly.

  3. LS Morgan says

    Gordon pretty much nailed what I was about to say.

    Lets line up all the sites that have received finding from the ‘usual suspects’ in the vc/angel world since Q1. Now, of those, how many are built out on a category killing domain? There lies the real answer to this question.

    Every time a category killer is built out, domainers reference it as proof-positive of the massive importance of a category killing domain name, while conveniently ignoring the 1000 other enterprises that received as much- if not more- funding during the same quarter without using a generic domain name.

  4. says

    “ is listed number 1 on Google on a search for limos.
    Try to do that with”

    The .LIMO & .TAXI new Top Level Domains might be low-hanging-fruit ?


  5. says

    MHB – The story of the origins of the business is an interesting one. I covered part of that story in a post at the link in my signature.

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