Disco.com, Bought At DomainFest For $255K Is Owned By Google & Launched As A “Group Texting ” Site

The domain name Disco.com sold at Domainfest, New York in September of last year for $255,000.

Disco.com was ranked by DnJournal.com as the 31st highest domain sale of 2010.

The domain name is now owned by Google and has been launched as a Group Texting site.

“”Group Texting on Any Phone Now that’s groovy!”” says the sign up form.

And yes there is an App for that.

And its free and available on iTunes

Google and Apple haven’t been the best of friends and its interesting to see Google displaying on the front page of Disco.com a nice size “download An App” sign which goes to iTunes.com

The App just was just published yesterday so it looks like the site just went live in the last couple of days.

The domain whois record was last updated on March 11, 2011 and the registrar of the domain is now MarkMonitor.

Looks like the site may have went live just today.

Now the question becomes did Google buy the domain directly at DomainFest or was it resold since the New York Show?

If Google bought it directly at DomainFest then I guess there goes that theory that end users don’t participate in industry auctions.

Thanks to Amr for the tip.



  1. says

    “If Google bought it directly at DomainFest then I guess there goes that theory that end users don’t participate in industry auctions.”I agree with you at this point. One more thing i loved to see that even companies like Google are preferring premium domains over the hand registered ones.

  2. Anthony says

    domains matter and Google will compete more and more with their customers

    … Google also owns boutiques.com :)

  3. says

    Better would have been gText.com and/or gTexting.com – covers both “group” and/or “google”

    Apple does a great job branding using the “i”. Google is known as “g”…

  4. says

    Ps like my post about color.com think like a slot machine and think bigger than search
    This is a new kind of branding with less possible combinations than lll.com
    Revisit your portfolios with this in mind

  5. LS Morgan says

    Brilliant choice of a domain. Love it.
    This sort of abstract use of a highly resonant keyword name is where the domain’s role in eMarketing shines its brightest.

  6. says

    great discovery Michael
    would be great if Google were sitting in the audience at the auction via one of their personnel, more likely online bidding if they did buy direct rather than off a reseller
    either way, great domain, great google shelling out for great domains

  7. LS Morgan says

    Concept they launched is cool but doesn’t seems relative with the domain name. What disco has to do with group messaging ?

    The same thing Amazon has to do with books.

  8. Josh says


    “App names think visual globally recognize icon that expresses the keyword ie disco ball”

    Good thought, but would be much easier to read with commas in your sentences. I know grammar suggestions are never taken well, but as you comment often on quite a few blogs I read, I thought it would be worth a shot….

  9. says

    good post, but title of post mistspelt domainfest as domanfest

    i think its really interesting google was behind this…..i cant imagine them going to the dominfest to buy the domains, especially so long ago, think it must have been a private sale afterwards…..

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