Google Picks Enom & Godaddy As Exclusive Domain Registrar Partners In Its Apps Program?

If you are a web developer and want to start selling Google apps,  and don’t already have a domain name, Google is going to prompt you to register your  domain, using one of two partners;

You have the choice of using Enom or

I’m not sure where I have ever read that Google entered into an exclusive arrangement with any domain registrar but it looks like they have done so

Either registrar will set you back just $10 for a domain registration but that are the only two choices you have.

Google explains:

“”Google doesn’t register or host domain names. We’ve partnered with a few domain registration partners (registrars) that offer these services because it’s a lot easier to set up a Google Apps account this way. Continue with the pre-selected company or choose another one of our trusted domain registration partners to fulfill your request. Your new domain will be pre-configured to work with Google Apps so that you won’t need to manually modify your DNS settings.”

However the only two choices you get are to use Godaddy or Enom.

For your $10 you get:

“””One year domain registration for $10
Private domain registration to protect against spam at no extra cost
Full DNS control and domain management
Automatically configured to work with Google services
Email, calendar, instant messaging, web pages and more also at no extra charge”””


  1. says

    That’s quite a coup for them. Considering up to this point and it’s family of registrars were the only ones that did pre-configuration. I wonder if the process will be much different than how Name did it.

    And Google does not play favorites. They have and will delist and domain that is breaking it’s rules.

  2. tricolorro says

    Google became (and still is) an accredited Registrar in February 2005.

    I remember at the time there was speculation why they became accredited.

    Since “Google doesn’t register or host domain names.” it’s pretty clear that they are using their API access at the Registry level to learn a whole lot about domain registrations and WhoIs.

    Pretty clever.

  3. .tv says

    @rh I believe she is no longer with from what I heard

    Wasn’t there some news a couple years back google was in discussions with Godaddy and buying them?

  4. says

    It doesn’t make much of a difference to me although I will be a developer. I of course have a preferred domain user but it just mean I will have to keep an eye on one more thing.

  5. says

    Dreamhost is the registrar I prefer. They just announced a promo code, SOPAROPA, that you can use to bring domain names over. The thing I like is that domain privacy really is free. They also let you configure your domain for google apps with one click.


  6. says

    I use, free DNS and cheaper than the rest! No promo codes needed and great service! No SOPA!

    SOPA is just the beginning! Next thing you know we will be like China, no thank you! – The best registrar by far!

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