Domain With 126,000 Monthly Visitors & Valued at $69K, Only Has A $2,500 Bid @

Currently at auction at Godaddy is the domain which according to godaddy is has an “estimated monthly website traffic” of  a whopping 126K+. values the domain at $69,162.

The word mundo in Spanish means “World”.

Alexa ranks the site in the 360K range and compete is only tracking a little over 2,000 visitors.

The parked page has links to all sorts of DVD type products, everything from DVD duplication to


  1. Domainer says

    Stop promoting the sleazeballs at Godaddy. I’m sure the people that already bid on are not to thrilled with your big mouth either.

  2. says


    MHB was domainer of the year for a reason last year. He promotes the industry in a positive light and has the best blog on the internet. He is a top-notch professional and we are lucky to have MHB in this industry.

    I am insulted by your e-mail to MHB, and next time “THINK BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR BIG MOUTH”

    Thanks, Jim

  3. mosmet says


    just curious have you bid on name and if not why? With that kind of spread I would think you would keep it quiet and steal the name. No?

  4. John Beckwith says

    Michael would you agree obviously this does not get 126,000 monthly uniques. The other thing, Godaddy uses the word “hits” not uniques think they do that for a reason. The site would have a better alexa if it had 126,000 unique.

    Domainer who the fuck are you and try using your real name coward.

  5. MHB says


    I don’t think the domain get nearly as many visitors as Godaddy is indicating.

    You are right Godaddy uses the term “hits” not visitors.

    I won’t swear to it but I think they used to say visitors not hits.

    As you know a lot of hits can be created by bots and the like.

    There is nothing about this domain that would create anywhere that much natural traffic.

  6. MHB says


    When a domain is not only on the front page of a drop site but the first name listed I don’t think you are going to “steal” the domain.

    Its pretty much out there for anyone and everyone to see

  7. says

    spanish speaking peeple use the word “Mundo” (World) by intuition …Mundo this Mundo that
    (xxxxxWorld) , thsi doamin has a little “intrinsical value”.
    I have a few of those Mundo’s..he he
    I think the traffic is way overestimated…
    However this domain traffic is coming from links and is mainly coming from Latam , if you like low low ctr’s and .01 clicks…go for it!!!
    Perhaps a developer could quicckly do something-something with it , before it fades away in parking (slowly but surely) .
    aka Robert-o Fernandez.

  8. says

    Possible scenario:
    somebody contacting old registrant (providing he is alive and well), once alerted He might renew domain and sell it (or not).

  9. MHB says


    Not true

    I have selected domains from auctions as my favorites that I also bid on.

    Its not always the case but just because I report on something or pick something it doesn’t mean I have no interest in it or won’t bid on it.

  10. Cartoonz says


    Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

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