Is The Sale Of Poker.Org For $1M A Game Changer? We Say Yes

As reported by last night and by, Poker.Org sold for a cool Million yesterday by National A-1 and brokered by Jeffrey M. Gabriel of

As you also probably know the sale shattered the previous record for the then highest .org sale of at $198K, and our sale of Sexe.Org last year for $151K.

So the question becomes is this sale a game changer?

I believe so.

Selling for more than 5 times than the previous highest sale,  coupled with breaking the seven figure mark, the sale is going to effect the value of bang on, category killer .org.

I know your saying this was a unique situation, a perfect storm, which created the sale.

An end user who really wanted and could afford the domain and a Seller that didn’t need the money and could hold out for his price.

But that is exactly the situation that sets records and changes markets.

I think this sale will have the same physiological effect that the sale of did for the resale market when it sold for $1.3M (another situation of a Seller who would not sell below his price).

Does this mean that every .org is worth more than it was yesterday, No.

But for those category killer .org’s the bar has been raised and the game changed.

We opened a poll on the right so you can log your opinion.


  1. npcomplete says


    The point I was making (or trying to make) in my earlier post is that general human nature is more predictable than the absolute pricing impact. The one certain outcome is that there will be a flood of new .org registrations, and a flood of lowball email from domainers sent to owners of one word .org domains.

  2. says

    Alright, any offers for Board(s).ORG? hehe…

    This is an encouraging sale for domainers – but like you have stated, could be an one-off perfect storm. Let’s keep an eye on to see what the new owner does with it – it’s got to have tons of money behind it.

  3. LS Morgan says

    The reason was such a beast has a lot to do with the affiliate programs that are out there for online poker. As far as lucre, it has no peer- like, not in the same universe. The potential for substantial passive income is there.

    Obviously, this is “the” one-word category killing name, thus the price.
    As far as .org, I’ve never subscribed to the com/net/org TLD hierarchy. Matter of fact, in most situations, I will take a .org over a .net, presuming there is synergy between the keyword and the extension. I wouldn’t buy, but I drool heavily over any pure or deeply definitive names like this, where some sort of community format can be developed and monetized. The way things have evolved, .org is a TLD that ‘makes sense’ in the eyes of the public. No, it’s no .com, but it’s no orphan like .net seems to be, and when I see sales like on SEDO @ 10K, all I can do is shake my head and realize that I’m living in the good old days.

    One wildcard here, that’s worth consideration.
    The poker world is a mind-bogglingly odd place. In this strangest of strange worlds, you have 19 year old kids banging down six and seven figures a year while laying in bed playing online poker on a laptop. You have the upper-echelon pros in Las Vegas who might lose a million dollars in a single five hour session, then go to bed later that night and sleep like a baby without the slightest worry or panic. I can’t think of another ‘world’ where money flows so cheap, easy and is treated so loosely than the poker world. All it would take is a well connected player to make a few phone calls- saying that they wanted to buy and they had a great idea for it- and that million could be arranged at the drop of a hat. Unquestionably, this name will go to someone who will use it- and fast- but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was actual ‘poker money’ behind it’s acquisition.

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