Godaddy’s Ads Bomb According To USA TODAY Ad Meter

As you all know ran 2 ads during the SuperBowl.

According to USA Today’s Ad Meter which tracks viewers opinions of all the ads on the big game,¬† Godaddy’s commercial’s fumbled the ball.

Out of the 63 commercials  USA Today tracks, the ad featuring Danica Patrick getting a message, ranked 63rd while its other commercial ranked 60th


Compare that to Google’s ad which ranks 43rd or Flo.TV which ranked 36th. gets the 12th spot, ranked 10th and is the highest ranking internet company commerical with the baby ad (one of my favs) at #7

Personally I thought the ads were fair at best and certainly seem to be getting old and cold.

I know they generate a ton of publicity with their rejected ads but they should come back with a fresh take for next year if they want to improve their marks and try to beat an 88 year old Betty White’s who commercial currently ranks number 1


  1. says

    I think Godaddy is aware of this since they are now offering a contest and asking people to submit video commercials on how “you” think a Godaddy commercial should be. Similar how the Doritos commercials have been created over the years and now fields most of there commercials, if not all.

    I read a lot of comments about people still not know what Godaddy even offers! That’s not good since they have been doing SB commercials for several years now. (5 I think).

  2. Mywesearches says

    This year godaddy commercials were the worst ever. I did not see much and were a little complicated to understand. Also, they really need change the subject because it is getting boring to watch the same thing every year (All about sexy women) for sure they will have something new for next superbowl.

  3. says

    Already commented on other blogs about Godaddy ads… but to sum it up:

    GoDaddy owner Bob Parson seems to WANT GoDaddy to be a porn site. In my opinion, it’s pornographic how they use the ten page upsell during a domain buying process. It’s worse than porn to have a talented and (once) respected female race car driver, Danica Patrick, sell out to sleaze, basically belittling her historical contribution to racing.

    Why doesn’t Bob produce an ad with Danica Patrick winning a big race, in a clearly marked “GODADDY” car, getting out and answering a question “What are you going to do now, Danica?” And she answers” I’m going to go buy the domain name “”!!!

    Or “”

    In other words, utilize the TRUE VALUE of Danica’s fame and expertise — RACING CARS. Not laying on a massage table getting weirded out by her masseuse’s desire to become a slutty GoDaddy girl, which means…. nothing to anyone. Where does the value of domains come in?

    Does any man seeing this commercial by GD feel that GD is trying to manipulate their basest instincts to come to their site, instead of EXPLAINING why they should go to Godaddy?

    And did GD forget that women also watch the Super Bowl, buy domains, and build websites?

    So BOB, here’s my 100th comment regarding your focus on sleaze to get market share to your website… I don’t think you are succeeding on the ROI from your Super Bowl commercials, and if you are, you could triple it with real education and humorous non-sexual commercials that appeal to all ages and sexes.

    Find your “Shame Index”, and place a mark where you think your shame should be – ten being high shame, zer0 being no shame.

  4. says

    Excellent comment Stephen, the best ever on the topic IMO. Its bad on all levels.

    First off, Women are customers too and I am sure do not appreciate.
    Secondly, Men know Danica not getting naked on the site. So they won’t really care.
    Third, If people do not know what your company does its a waste of time and money.

    Again IMO

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