Ticket.com Sells For $1.525 Million On Afternic.com

Afternic.com just announced they have sold the domain Ticket.com for $1,525,000.

The domain is owned by BuyDomains.com

Another huge seven figure sale for the industry.

It will be the 5th highest domain sale on Ron Jackson DNJournal year to date chart for 2009.

According to the announcement:

“””Ticket.com was promoted through the AfternicDLS global distribution network. The agreement was finalized with the assistance of a BuyDomains Sales Executive.”””


  1. mmmii says

    Good sale but, let’s face the facts: Another Name Media’s domain selling their own names. Nothing to do with Afternic really

  2. says


    My name is Pete Lamson, I am the general manager of NameMedia’s marketplace businesses, AfternicDLS & BuyDomains.

    The majority of large AfternicDLS domain sales remain private at the request of the buyer or seller.

    I can share with you that this morning we also closed another single word domain deal for a seller owned domain name with a final sales price north of $600,000.

    And 2 days ago we closed a deal for another seller with a final price of $145,000 (also for a single name).

    This is of course in addition to the many smaller private deals that are closed each day as well.

    Meaning that while AfternicDLS reports all deals that we can, there is a lot of positive activity going on “behind the scenes” at Afternic.

  3. MHB says


    Congrats to you and your team

    Nice to know the domain aftermarket is so active and that there is even more activity than we are aware of.

  4. matthew peter davis says

    would the name ticket-downloads.com be a good name for sale i have had the name but wan to sell it now,

  5. MHB says


    Ticket.com for $1.56, I think a great sale for the seller for sure

    If the buyer is stubhub or ticketmaster then not a bad purchase.

  6. says

    Off topic Michael, but I see you answered the ticket.biz question, You actually own the .com in this case. FashionModels.com I handregged FashionModels.biz not my favorite extension by any means but the name taken in several extensions so. What do you think as a value and no I am not looking for you to buy it.

    Thank you

  7. MHB says


    Here’s my thoughts on the .biz

    We just saw the 1 letter .biz, arguably the most valuable of any extension just sold in the $x,xxx range all the way up to the mid five figures.

    I own Internet.biz and haven’t gotten a five figure offer on it since the extension launched.

    I want to say lawyer or lawyers.biz sold a couple of TRAFFIC auctions ago for like $3K.

    I think the .biz extension has a very limited reach and fashionmodels.biz is probably not a domain I would even pay the registration fee for.


  8. FX says

    Strange we offered them $2m for the name 2 months ago… and they rejected it due to our request to see some traffic or rev stats. I think NameMedia might be one of the worst run companies in the biz.

  9. MHB says


    Knowing that you had a $2M offer on the table its very strange they would let it go for less, without at least checking on your current interest level.

    Having said that $2M for the singular version Ticket.com seems pretty high although tickets.com would be on the same level as toys.com or higher

  10. says

    Thank you for the reply Michael, and I am not a fan of the extension either, I have just regged one once in awhile when I see a lot of other extensions regged. Models is one of our niches so that’s why I regged it. I never thought it was an x,xxx name but since its an area we focus on I figured it might get developed or sell for $200 to $400. Funny thing just got an offer for FashionModelz.com which isn’t even parked.

  11. says

    Commenting on .biz, it’s a good space for buy & hold or buy & develop. It’s not for flipping at this point. It’s important to point out that comparing other domains to the .com trajectory is not a valid approach or comparison.

    What’s happened with non-com extensions was a very different growth and assimilation curve. .com had the good fortune of riding the internet explosion, and to lesser extents .net and .org.

  12. Mark says

    .biz? Jesus. Tell me the last time you saw anyone using that extension, or for that matter even knows what the hell it is. The only thing that is amazing about it are the domain wizards who think we are talking million plus. We tried to sell a pure generic .biz a few years back. The .com sold for million plus. I could feel the tingle down my leg and had visions of a home in the Carribean. Went to a number of companies personally. One guy laughed and almost choked on his lunch, the other guy asked me if I was on drugs, and the last guy damn near sh-t his pants in laughter.

  13. Domain Investor says

    Quote –
    “We tried to sell a pure generic .biz a few years back. ”

    It also depends on the generic word.
    Not all words fit with .biz.

    I’m not a big fan of .biz but I have a few.
    .biz tld has some purpose and value.
    Just a small percentage of the .com value.
    Maybe, 1%.

  14. says

    Your one one them people who ONCE would have said that run down South Beach real estate an’t worth a bean and then “damn near sh-t your pants in laughter”

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